I used to judge mums who put reins on their kids ‘like dogs’ – now I’m one of them and don’t care what anyone else says

A MUM has admitted she used to judge other parents who put reins on their kids – until she became a parent herself.

Chloe is a mother-of-two, and said she will always use reins on her children.

Chloe admitted she used to "judge" parents who put reins on their kids like "dogs"


Chloe admitted she used to “judge” parents who put reins on their kids like “dogs”Credit: Tiktok/@thesimplemum
But now she's a mum, Chloe totally understands the need for them


But now she’s a mum, Chloe totally understands the need for themCredit: Tiktok/@thesimplemum
She showed her daughter's rein attached to her pram as she said she'll do "anything" to keep her children safe


She showed her daughter’s rein attached to her pram as she said she’ll do “anything” to keep her children safeCredit: Tiktok/@thesimplemum

But that’s not to say she didn’t have a preset idea about the safety accessory before she fell pregnant.

“Did I used to judge parents that would put their kids in reins?” Chloe wrote over the top of her TikTok video.

“Hell yeah, they’re humans, not dogs!”

She then went on to say that she hadn’t “realise how scary the world was before I was a mum”.

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“And now I don’t care how ridiculous it may look, I’ll do anything to keep them safe,” she continued.

“Anything to keep them safe,” Chloe captioned her video.

The comments section was immediately filled with people weighing in on the debate – with the majority of them on Chloe’s side.

“If my mum hadn’t put me on reins I’d straight up be dead, I was a first class runner with no sense of danger,” one wrote.

“I’ve always said my little girl will have reins when she can walk, especially in busy places,” another added.

“Kids get snatched in seconds!”

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“Me and all my cousins had reins when we were younger,” a third commented.

“There’s literally nothing wrong with it!”

“I guess the moral of the story is to not judge people for stuff we have no experience in,” someone else added.

“I had my son in reins and the looks I got!” another admitted.

“Like, I trust no one around my son, I’d rather get the looks and have him home safe every night.”

“Yes to this!” someone else said.

“I always said I’d never use them but now I’m a toddler mum I 100% understand them!”

“Do not worry about the judgemental clueless morons,” another urged.

“Children get snatched, they wriggle and run and god forbid they run in the road.

“They keep your child safe and alive!”

While someone else commented: “I used to get looks but I didn’t care.

“It’s my responsibility as parent to make sure your child safe they can’t do that for themselves.”


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