'I used Babydust Method to pick the sex of my child – just like Danielle Lloyd'

Amy Walker wanted to have a son and she was inspired by Danielle Lloyd’s success with the Babydust Method, so she gave it a go and soon welcomed a boy into the family

Danielle and her daughter
Danielle Lloyd used the Babydust Method and now others are inspired by her success

A mum of four daughters who deeply wanted to have a son was inspired by model Danielle Lloyd and tried the Babydust method – and it worked.

The British celebrity spoke out recently about how she had tried the technique to conceive a baby girl, Autumn Rose, as OK reports.

Amy Walker, 36, was inspired – and after having four girls she was willing to give anything a go in an attempt to get the son that she and her husband, 37-year-old John, wanted.

They were amazed when a gender scan revealed the technique had worked and now the happy couple have welcomed their son, Teddy, into the family.

The Walker family have now welcomed Teddy into their lives

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Amy, from Folkestone, Kent, said: “John loves his girls but he longed for a little boy to take to football and do other father and son things with. So, we decided we’d try one last time to have a boy, fearing that we’d regret it further down the line if we didn’t.

“Because I wanted to increase my chances of conceiving a son, I searched the internet for help. There was lots of information but I felt sceptical about it, thinking there was no way it could work.

“But a Facebook friend had been successful using the Babydust Method, so I bought the book and it seemed to make a lot of sense.

Baby Teddy is now the youngest of five siblings

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“The method involved tracking when I ovulated and having sex at a particular time of the month. We had nothing to lose by trying. If it didn’t work, we’d still love the baby, whether it was a boy or a girl.”

The Babydust Method suggests the best time to try to conceive if you want a girl, or a boy, by charting the luteinising hormone, which triggers ovulation.

Amy continued: “There were no rules to follow about what to eat or drink. And we didn’t tell family or friends what we were doing in case they thought we were mad. We’ve always been very open with the girls about sex being part of a loving relationship.

“There are a lot of us, sleeping at different times, so we didn’t have any problems where we had to sneak off for sex in comedy moments. The method was easy to follow and I got pregnant quickly.

“John and I nervously went in for the gender scan at 14 weeks and I couldn’t believe it when the baby turned out to be a boy. Babydust had worked for us!”

Amy Walker and John, a plumber, have four daughters – Abigail, 16, Isabelle, 14, Olivia, 10, Amelia, four, and now one-year-old son Teddy.

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