I swapped my favourite foundation for the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint everyone's raving about and here's my honest review…


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Glossier‘s Perfecting Skin Tint was one of only four products originally launched with the brand in 2014. It’s a big part of the brand’s skin-first, makeup-second mantra, with lightweight coverage, dewy finish, and comfortable wear. It’s designed to be ‘just as easy as throwing on a moisturiser‘. The base product was reformulated in 2018 with an updated pigment treatment (to prevent the shade changing during wear time), a new blend of oils and a more extensive shade range.


Samantha, Deputy Beauty Editor


I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal. I’ll either wear full coverage foundation or zero foundation. I do prefer a dewy finish for my base products, but it needs to be long-wear as well because I’m terrible at topping up.


This is my second time trying Skin Tint, but my first time trying the new formula. When I tried the original, I was a little underwhelmed and thought of it as a runny, low-coverage BB cream, so I was keen to test the improvements.

Having previously tried the ‘medium’ shade, I went for G9 as recommended. The packaging remained the same, with a very controlled dispenser that allows you to pump out a tiny bit at a time. This is a must, because the formula is still very runny, similar to a serum foundation.

While the shade looked like it might be too dark and a tad orangey on my hand, when I took it to my face it was a perfect match. I used a stippling brush to apply it, but you could easily just run it over your face with your fingers, as the formula blends so easily. When compared with the original formula, I do think the updated version provides better coverage. It evens out the skin tone and hides redness, and seems to adapt to your natural colouring, so that it just looks like your skin, only better.

It is a very light coverage, but does make my skin look fresher and healthier than what it does when I go completely bare-faced. It’s like wearing an invisible veil of confidence. And I do think the updated formula is more buildable than the original, so you can get a bit more out of it than the previous.

It wore pretty well throughout the day and didn’t oxidise or crease, and the shade held up. I also found it very comfortable and not like I was wearing makeup at all.


I can probably deal with popping this on for my ‘no makeup’ days, because it really is just as easy as a moisturiser. It won’t hide your dark circles or angry blemishes (they do have concealer for that), but it offers a nice ‘blurring’ effect to make my bare face look brighter and better.

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