'I refused to give up my train seat for a mum and kids – I had the perfect response'

A social media user had a perfect response after refusing to give up the train seat for a mother and her three kids, and the online community is all in praise.

The user shared the incident that happened on a train ride on social media forum, Mumsnet.

The user who recently had shoulder surgery explained: “I’ve got my backpack on the table and my big bag was put up on the top by a lovely man who offered to put it up.

“We get to the next station and it’s absolutely heaving and a mother with 3 kids gets on. Everyone files into seats and someone sits opposite me.

“She then approaches and asks if the other 2 seats are reserved. I said no and she could have them and sat the kids down. She then looks at me and says ‘I’ve got 3 children who need a seat please can they have yours’.”

The user added: “I said no I’ve recently had shoulder surgery and still recovering so standing on a packed train would be too painful. She then continually said ‘I have 3 kids though’.”

The user finally had a perfect response to the woman.

The traveller added: “At this point I said ‘I’m not particularly bothered by the amount of kids you have but I will be staying in this seat as I need it too if you have any issues please go speak to the train conductor’. The look she gave me could kill!

“The original guy who put my bag in the overhead rack ended up telling her to leave me alone as she kept repeating about her 3 kids. I feel like a cow bag but a justified one!”

The online community cheered the traveller for choosing the right decision.

One user said: “There’s no reason why you should need to move in that scenario. Unless they’re little kids then kids are more able to stand than adults and if all three were little (under 5 for example) I’m sure they could have shared.”

Another said: “Cheeky mare. Especially since you told her that you are recovering from surgery. If there were three seats available and yours was the fourth, then the three kids sit on the seats and their mother stands.”

A third user said: “I’d laugh at her. Absolutely no reason a child can’t stand for a bit. People get on and off trains all the time, there would probably be seats available by the next stop. If she asked again I’d tell her to eff off.”


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