I Can't Remember the Last Time Jennifer Lopez Wore a Manicure This Sparkly — See Photo

You can always rely on Jennifer Lopez to set and participate in beauty trends, and that’s especially apparent when it comes to her manicures. Over the last year, J. Lo wore some of the prettiest of-the-moment nail styles, like a chrome finish, peaches and cream, “no-makeup makeup” short nails, and a twist on the glazed donut supertrend. Most of these looks were very subtle, as that’s the way the nail art has been swinging lately, but it seems the multi-hyphenate is ready to start wearing more bedazzled manicures again.

Lopez’s go-to manicurist, Tom Bachik, posted a closeup of her hand on Tuesday, February 20, giving us a clear look at the wonderful work he did for her “Midnight Trip to Vegas” video. He called the look “Flower Power,” referring to the flower crown she wears and the gorgeous dahlia she’s holding, but the manicure itself is much more bling than bloom: Each almond-shaped nail is speckled in gorgeous crystals.

“I used @apresnailofficial Stiletto Gel-X Tips in Maisie and shaped them with my #Tweezerman file,” Bachik wrote in the caption. Then, “I painted #Apres Heavenly Top Gel Coat in ‘Cherub’ and added a micro French tip with their French Manicure Gel in ‘French White.’”

Then, he topped off the sheer polish with Swarovski crystals — and while he says they’re pink, they seem to perfectly pick up the iridescent aura of the huge bauble she’s wearing on her pointer finger.

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Although it’s been a while, this isn’t the first time Jennifer Lopez has worn Swarovski crystals on her nails. In 2022, she wore one on each rose gold French tip, and for her 2020 Super Bowl performance, she wore them on a manicure that looked like beautiful broken glass. She’s even worn Swarovski crystals on her toes!

And even if you don’t have a J. Lo manicure budget, getting this look — yes, even with real Swarovski crystals — can be surprisingly affordable. i Beads have some for £11.

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