I can’t get my relative the vital NatWest account she needs

I have power of attorney for a relative with a learning disability. She withdraws cash on a weekly basis at her local Halifax with the help of staff. In March, I learned that the branch would be closing this month, so I immediately helped her apply for a basic account at NatWest. We were told it would take a week. Since then, I have chased in vain for an update as my relative will struggle to access cash.

PO, Oxfordshire

Banks are obliged by the Financial Conduct Authority to take due care of vulnerable customers and it’s disgraceful that your emails and letters have apparently been ignored for three months. It seems that, in an attempt to fast-track the application, a staff member used an incorrect process and no one took the trouble to identify this until I involved the press office. The account has been opened with a £50 goodwill gesture.

NatWest says: “We’re really sorry we didn’t get this right first time. We have processes to support customers in vulnerable situations.”

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