'I am SO bored of people asking me what I eat every day – I eat everything!' VS Angel, Jasmine Tookes, hits back

Victoria’s Secret angel, Jasmine Tookes is nothing short of everything. Standing at 6ft in heels, wearing a black silk slip dress with a daring split accessorised with a smile that could eclipse the sun, Jasmine could make even this homosexual man weak at the knees.

Wearing Victoria’s Secret’s latest collection with Livy – a French lingerie brand that perfectly tows the line between classy and sexy perfectly – Jasmine is in full flow talking about something she feels very passionately about: underwear.

“Lingerie is more personal now – it’s about whatever makes YOU feel good,” the 28-year-old model tells me, “It’s empowering as well as sexy now. It’s about being whoever you wanna be!”

We are discussing the annoying sexist questions she is asked every single day but one aggravates her the most. “Something I feel like I am asked a lot recently is, ‘is it not cool to be sexy anymore?’” she confesses.

“It is cool, you don’t have to be sexy for anyone else, you have to be sexy for yourself! It’s all about self-love and feeling good about yourself. You can go to Victoria’s Secret and put on lingerie and it can be for you. It doesn’t have to be for a man.” Amen to that.

Right now, the Californian girl by birth is living her most empowered life by, “wearing my underwear as outerwear for sure,” she says. “I would advise styling a blouse top so you can see the bra in the middle – that way it’s a little mysterious. You don’t have to show everything, just a little peek will do!” Flirty, much?

Having been a certified Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015 – a title and the wings that come with it are only reserved for 14 models at a time – I wonder what Jasmine’s ultimate underwear hack is. Does she have any tricks of the trade to share? “I have never been asked that before! I am just really big on things fitting properly. A lot of girls are wearing the wrong size bra. Not that long ago I was fitted in store and I was completely off. I have been a model for nearly 10 years, and I have been wearing the wrong size bra in my personal life this whole time! So, my trick would be to just get measured. Your body changes and your bust fluctuates so it’s important to check in with your body.”

Speaking of fluctuations in bodies, how has Jasmine navigated her relationship with body image? “You learn to love your body more and more,” she confesses. “Especially as you get older things change, you work out a little harder or a little less. You are constantly learning to accept and love your body. Everybody has one little thing they don’t like. You have to learn to embrace that and love that. That’s what I have done.”

The conversation around body image and workout regimes is very charged when it comes to Victoria’s Secret models and the most annoying question Jasmine is constantly asked falls into this category: “I am so bored of people asking me what I eat every day because, honestly, I eat everything in moderation! I love food so much!” You and us both, Jasmine!

With 3.4 million Instagram followers, Jasmine is firmly in the Victoria’s Secret spotlight and in light of GLAMOUR’s #BlendOutBullying campaign, her coping mechanism for trolls is refreshing. “To be honest I really try not to read it,” Jasmine says. “I see the first couple of words, and I think, ‘nope! You are not going to get into my head!’ It’s so important for people to not listen to others. Stay true to yourself and believe in yourself. Those comments are so stupid, it’s someone sitting on a computer who has nothing better to do.”

The VS Angels no matter what you actually think of them are simply dancing to the beat of their own drum. In the words of Jasmine Tookes herself, “don’t come unless you are slaying it right?” WORD.

Livy x Victoria’s Secret is in stores now


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