HUMANOID FW21 Collection

HUMANOID FW21 Collection

With Autumn Winter ‘21 we continue our celebration of 40 years HUMANOID.Fall-Winter 21 is about three recurring themes that have been a consistent source of inspiration forHUMANOID over the past 40 years: NATURE, NOMADS and OFFBEAT.

With a new consciousness emerging we yearn for all things NATURE. We crave clear skies, the nourishment that nature provides and a daily dose of green, such as Deep Emerald, Jade Green and PaleSalvia, with gentle hiking references, quilted blankets and hybrid, reversible styles.

HUMANOID FW21 Collection

As we journey into the season, we become [DIGITAL] NOMADS who travel the world through our i-pad,connect digitally whilst collecting virtual ‘mementos’ on the way. A feeling of ‘Comfortable Luxury’ is pre-eminent as is a sense of layering and textures in tones of Safran and Dune, alongside luxe shades such as Eggplant and Deep Emerald.The [DIGITAL] NOMAD travels in contemporary ‘camos’, through ‘make-believe’ desserts and digitaldreamscapes.

An OFFBEAT mood concludes the season.We want to touch,smile and party.Playful exaggerated textures such as loops, hairy knits, fur-like skin and hammered, lustrous sateens are emphasized by sumptuous colours such as Cornflower and Eggplant.We are proud to have shared the past forty years with you and hope you enjoy this new collection as much as we did creating it.

HUMANOID FW21 Collection

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