How to sleep: Tips on how to ensure a restful night’s sleep despite the hot conditions

During heat waves, many people find it a lot more difficult to get the adequate amount of sleep needed. Heat can affect a person’s ability to fall soundly asleep and as such, grogginess and less energy becomes a reality the next day. It’s important for one’s health to get the sleep needed. With temperatures set to soar in the next coming days, what’s the best way to fall asleep?

Restless nights spent tossing and turning is something we have all experienced, especially when summer nights leave us feeling hot and bothered.

The obvious solution for a cool and restful night is often cranking up the air conditioning (AC) systems.

However, AC not only uses a substantial amount of energy, it can also do more harm than good.

Boiler Plan offered some lesser known tips on how to sleep in the heat.

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Don’t use a cool fan

Once it gets hot, you may be tempted to put the fan on but surprisingly, they don’t have that much of an effect as the heat is already trapped in the room. 

Instead, open your window as wide as you feel comfortable.

Think counter clockwise 

For those that have a ceiling fan, did you know that a clockwise motion could be making you hotter? However, a fan turning counter clockwise can help bring cooler air towards you.

Never sleep naked

When the temperature starts to soar, its instinctive to want to strip off and sleep naked but this can actually make you feel hotter in bed. But if you wear PJs made of a natural fabric, like cotton, it increases the surface area for the sweat to evaporate and will, therefore, make you feel much cooler.

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Don’t have a cold shower pre-bedtime

While cold showers can offer a multitude of benefits, they do, however, raise your body temperature.

Instead, shower in tepid water and place cool cotton pads or flannels on your pressure points, such as your wrists – to keep cool.

Opt for cotton bedsheets

Silk sheets may look great on Instagram but it should come as no surprise that they are not great for the heat. 

Cotton bedsheets have better breathable qualities that draw sweat away and absorb, keeping you cool at night.

Get out in the sun throughout the day

Exposure to sunlight is one of the cues for creating a regular sleeping pattern.

So, enjoy the sun and get outdoors – but remember to protect your skin.

Then when you do go to bed, make your room extra dark as the stark contrast between the two scenarios will remind your body that its bedtime.  

Put your socks in the fridge and fill up your hot water bottle

Cooling your feet lowers your overall body temperature, so start putting your socks in the fridge door and wearing them to bed.

Likewise, try filling your hot water bottle with cold water can help those who are unable to open their windows.

Break out the wool

Wool is not just for winter. In fact, wool is naturally thermo-regulating and can help you keep cool throughout the night.

Unplug your phone

It might be convenient to charge your phone at night, but any gadgets that are plugged in overnight – even if you aren’t using them – are generating heat so either keep it off charge, or place it in another room to charge.

Invest in a thermos

While a thermos can keep your drinks hot, it can also keep your drinks cool – which is just what you need if you wake up in the middle of the night.


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