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How to play Among Us, the murder mystery set in space –

As people stay at home across the world, their latest favourite pastime is a 2018 murder mystery game set in space called Among Us.

The game’s exponential popularity drove its developers to announce on Thursday they were cancelling a sequel to the game, to better focus on growing the existing version.

The game reached over a million players on September 3 and had grown to over 3.5 million concurrent users worldwide by Friday.

“We cancelled the sequel because we saw the opportunity to give back to the players a little bit faster than creating a new, better version,” Forest Willard, a developer at InnerSloth, which makes Among Us, told CNN Business.

“It will be more work in the long run, but we’re excited for players to update the game, and suddenly there’s a brand new feature or map that unlocks new experiences.”

Among Us is based on other social deduction party games like Mafia where a group of innocents live their everyday lives while killers, who have hidden their identities, commit murders at night.

Among Us
Among Us Credit: Among Us


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