How to get a Big Mac half price every time but it’s a lot of work

MCDONALD’S fans, listen up: there’s a trick that can get you a half price Big Mac every time.

It takes a lot of work but it means you can pick up the iconic burger for £1.59 instead of £3.19.

 A £3.19 Big Mac next to the custom version that only costs £1.59

Louis Wood – The Sun

A £3.19 Big Mac next to the custom version that only costs £1.59

All you have to do is order a double cheeseburger for £1.59 using one of the self-serve kiosks.

Then, you need to add several free add-on ingredients that are in a Big Mac: onions, mustard, pickles, lettuce, and mayonnaise.

You should also ask them to skip the ketchup as a Big Mac doesn’t have any – unless you want to keep it in, of course.

It won’t look exactly like the real deal but some fans say it tastes almost the same – and crucially, it saves you £1.59.

 Members of were fans of the McDonald's money-saving trick
Members of were fans of the McDonald’s money-saving trick

The only things the Franken-burger is missing are the third bread bun layer and the special Big Mac sauce.

But some savvy customers say you can ask staff for Big Mac sauce on your custom creation at no extra cost.

A double cheeseburger already comes with onions, mustard and pickles but you can get extra just like in a Big Mac if you add more at a self-serve kiosk.

The hack is a popular one with McDonald’s super fans and was posted on and Reddit’s Casual UK forum again recently.

It’s one of several ways to pimp your McDonald’s meals for less, which we’ve revealed before.

 Reddit users weren't impressed by the trick
Reddit users weren’t impressed by the trick

CoolCarCuffs, a member, said: “While it won’t taste or look exactly like the iconic Big Mac, it’s a pretty neat trick…

“Less than a limp supermarket sarnie.”

But not everyone rates it.

Some people say the knock-off can’t compare to a real Big Mac as it doesn’t come in a sesame seed bun and doesn’t have the middle layer of bread.

Others pointed out that prices can vary as many McDonald’s restaurants are franchises, and some charge up to 40p extra for add-on ingredients.

Plus, there’s an easy way to get a real Big Mac with fries for just £1.99 forever.

One commented on Reddit: “But it’s not on a sesame seed bun sooooo this plan is no good.”

Another said: “That’s not a Big Mac.”

And a Reddit user added: “Middle bread a necessity.”

McDonald’s hiked the price of a double cheeseburger from £1.49 to £1.59 in January so the money-saving trick now costs 10p more than it used to.

The same month, the fast food chain launched a Big Mac with bacon and brought back the Junior and Grand Macs.

There are lots of ways to save money at McDonald’s, as we’ve revealed.

McDonald’s has about 1,300 restaurants in the UK. You can find your nearest branch using its online tool.

McDonald’s now does a Big Mac with bacon – and the Grand Big Mac and Junior Mac are back

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