How to do a skin fade haircut at home

Kyri outlines the process in seven steps:

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‘1. Decide the height of your fade:

– For a high fade start by creating a zero line at your temple

– For a low fade create a zero line just above your sideburns.

‘2. Start from the bottom of the hairline and work your way up, cutting against the grain with a 0.

‘3. Create another line with a 0.5 just above the 0 line.

Glitter is optional (Picture: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images)

‘4. Adjust the 0 guard by pulling the lever down so it is in between a 0 and a 0.5 so you have 0.25. Use this to blend the 0 out into the 0.5.

‘5. Create another line with a 1 guard just above the 0.5. Use a 0.5 to blend into the 1.

‘6. With either a 2 guard or a 3 guard blend this out into the rest of your hair. 

‘7. Then adjust a 1 guard by pulling the lever down to make it a 1.5 guard. Use this to blend the 1 into the 2 or 3.

‘For best results using these tips make sure your hair on the back and sides is no longer than a 3.’


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