How the Premier League table will look next season and in ONE MILLION YEARS time

Have you ever stared out into the distance after watching your team get a trashing, wondering when they will ever win the league again?

We’ve all been there.

But now thanks to mathematicians at Numberphile , we can see – at least by their reckoning – who will win the Premier League for the next ONE MILLION seasons.

OK, let’s face it – none of us will be around that long, and there’s a pretty good chance the Premier League won’t be either.

But you’re still curious aren’t you?

Well basing their predictions on data collected from the 2017/18 campaign, the maths boffins forecast that only six different teams will be crowned champions (no prizes for guessing who).

And what’s more, there’s even a big shock in store for Chelsea

Man City’s dominance looks set to continue


So without any real surprise, dominant Manchester City come out on top the most, winning the league no fewer than 896,313 times.

That dwarfs rivals Manchester United’s current record haul of 20, but they will add a further 34,964 titles to that if the statisticians are proved correct.

Liverpool have waited years to win the championship, as the Premier League has thus far eluded them, but their wait could be almost over.

They say titles come along like buses (possibly not true) – but the simulation has the Reds down to pick up the trophy not just once, but on 45,862 occasions.

The simulator predicts Liverpool will finally break their Premier League duck

Elsewhere, Tottenham break their title duck with 18,757 wins, and dominating bragging rights in North London compared to Arsenal’s 2,344.

Chelsea are the other side to win the league to make up the current top six, collecting the crown in 1,760 occasions.

What’s more impressive is the Blues manage to do so after being RELEGATED no less than FIVE times.

The Stamford Bridge club also score the most goals in a match for a losing team, in an 11-10 thriller with Everton .

Chelsea will apparently be relegated five times on the way

There are mixed fortunes for Bournemouth , who qualify for the Champions League an impressive 89 times.

However the Cherries also suffer a horrific day at the office as they are hammered 20-1 by Man City in the biggest win of the period.

Quite outstanding work from City, who would have to be netting on average a goal every four and a half minutes.

They are also involved in the highest scoring game as they beat the Toffees 17-5.

Southampton will come so close to being champions

And there’s also agonising despair for Southampton – who come closest to ‘doing a Leicester ‘ in a season where they finish second in the table.

Of course the data is hugely biased towards City, due to their current success, and certainly doesn’t attain for the Leicester-like miracles, billionaire owners or managerial merry-go-round.

Anyway, football will probably be played on Mars by then with robot referees…

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