How The Jersey Shore Cast Reacted When They Heard Mike’s Court Verdict

Tensions ran high in the days leading up to Mike’s court date, with not a fist pump or a Funfetti in sight (lavish Italian dinners were another story).

As seen on tonight’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premiere, the cast rallied around their brother before his sentencing — Mike had pleaded guilty to one count of tax evasion months before — while he navigated an intense wedding planning process.

Everyone kept things fairly cool, calm and collected leading up to the big day (no, not that one), with the guys hitting up the barber shop and the girls taking Lauren wedding dress shopping. The crew even gathered for pre-court family dinner, where Mike was gifted with a golden good luck charm to help ward off any evil (or overly harsh judges).

Fast forward to the morning of, when moods were somber and Mike, hit by a wave of anxiety, confessed he couldn’t sleep the night before.

“Before you get into a fight, there’s a little feeling you get, a little anxious feeling. That’s how I feel right now,” he admitted. “It’s uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t have the strength for today if I didn’t go through some of the things that I’ve gone through in the past couple of years. But the sun is still gonna shine, and I have to hold my head high for myself and my future family.”

While JWOWW and Vinny went into the court building to support their friend, the others hit up a nearby sports bar to nervously watch the verdict on TV. In the words of Pauly D, this one “big decision” could change the course of Mike’s entire life.

Everyone coped with their nerves in different ways: Pauly repeatedly refreshed to death TMZ, Angelina rubbed her armpits with scented hand sanitizer and Snooki imagined the worst, picturing prison like Orange Is the New Black “but not even fun.” That’s when the words hit them, sending the cast into hysterics: “He must face the consequences, and [the judge] sentenced him to 24 months in prison.”

The girls cried, Pauly got emotional and Ronnie took his frustration out on an innocent bathroom stall. But what did you think of the verdict? Tell us your thoughts, then tune in next Thursday at 8/7c for the aftermath of the Situation’s sentencing — and Mike’s reaction.


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