How One Tech Leader is Fighting to Improve Vision Around the World

How One Tech Leader is Fighting to Improve Vision Around the World

As the years pass us by, there is little surprise that more and more technological advancements are taking place and being developed. No matter what direction we look in, there is something new and improved being created, of which could make a difference in our everyday lives and beyond.  

None more so than in the world of medicine, with each passing day, more and more treatments are being created in order to treat several different conditions. While that is undoubtedly the case, there are some people out there who are leading the battle against sight loss. Of which, we will be discussing one such leader here.  

Who is this Tech Leader? 

Having been born in and studied in India, Tej Kohli has a history of working in technological developments from a young age and has shown an avid interest in making a difference. Before heading to the United States with his mother, Kohli discovered a way to make the factory he worked in much more efficient, a foreshadowing of the intelligence that would dominate his adulthood.  

Upon meeting his wife in Costa Rica several years later and witnessing the financial hardship that many disabled children face in countries like these, Kohli knew that he had to act on what he had seen. Alas, the Tej Kohli Foundation was born in 2005.  

The first project that the Foundation presided over was one that was providing practical and financial support to the disabled children, of whom had once inspired Kohli to create the very foundation helping them. Kohli believed that making small interventions such as these could have a drastic impact on the recipient’s overall quality of life.  

This leads us on to the more recent projects that the foundation has managed.  

The decision to combat and improve vision around the world begun back in 2010. The Tej Kohli Foundation funded the operation of a 50-year-old man of whom was having a corneal transplant. The recipient in question had been blind for decades, and Kohli was lucky enough to be present for the operation’s duration. 

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This is considered a pivotal moment in the way that Tej Kohli and the Foundation worked. He decided at that moment that he needed to work and contribute towards combatting one of the world’s most significant culprits of blindness. Since opening an even larger treatment centre, Tej Kohli Cornea Institute, in 2015, the Tej Kohli Foundation has helped more than 223,000 outpatients and conducted over 43,000 corneal transplants.  

A leading Technologist in this department, Kohli believes that the advancement of technology even further could drastically reduce the number of people experiencing Corneal Blindness and other visual impairments. Not to mention, improving how people can access services is also considered by Kohli to be crucial in combatting this issue.  

Currently pursuing that accessible solution to Corneal Blindness, one thing is for sure; Kohli has changed the way that these conditions are treated and how they will be managed in the coming years.  

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