Horoscopes today – Russell Grant's star sign forecast for Saturday April 23

Russell Grant takes a look at what today could bring for your horoscope – and what you can do to be prepared.


You prefer to think for yourself. If this is being discouraged either by those in charge of a work project or older family members, you will show your stubborn and rebellious side. This could actually be just the shake-up someone needs to get them to see things from a different perspective.


Pride can get in the way of friendships and other relationships. You feel strongly about a matter that is causing some contention. Other people have their own views and ideas and no-one seems willing to compromise. You need to develop strategies to keep negotiations harmonious.


Relationships are improving and all because of heart-to-heart conversations. You now understand why some past situations concluded the way they did. After talking to others you will need time to think and contemplate on life as you learn from where you have been and consider where you are heading.


Some people don’t think before they speak. A friend you have known a long time will rake up things of the past you have put behind you. They can’t seem to see how much this upsets you. At least you will weigh up the likely consequences before putting thoughts into words.


A partner has something to celebrate. You will be happy for them but currently your own goals are a priority when you need your own small triumphs too. Are you single and searching for your dream lover? Don’t give up on your search. Your wish is more likely to be granted as the hunt goes on.


Nothing will be easy when progress is thwarted by frustrations and hold-ups. Your intention is to make a fair and pragmatic assessment of anything important. In medical and money matters you will not allow a personal prejudice to influence your judgement or the decisions you are making.


A neighbour or new colleague’s overly-friendliness has hidden motives and you will sense this immediately. It isn’t that they are out to deceive you or to betray you. It’s just that someone is trying to exploit your good nature and you can see what they are up to.


Avoid situations where there are strict rules and regulations. Having to abide by strict dos and don’ts will only aggravate and annoy you. One person in particular will take some rules too literally. They don’t seem to have the sense to realise they can be adjusted to suit changing conditions.


You hate the idea of having to stay in the same situation indefinitely. This is why you are starting to get restless. It may not be time yet to make a move but you sense change is in the air and you will be looking at a few options.


A turning point in your life has been reached as you adjust to a new understanding of yourself, your beliefs and your relationships. You realise the importance of being yourself wherever you happen to be and you will no longer suppress the real you.


Leave people who can’t seem to learn from their mistakes to solve their own problems. You have put too much time and energy into helping someone who now takes your support for granted. If life is lacking in some way this is a sign you need to find something new to motivate, inspire and enthuse you.


Your help is required to get routine chores that have been building out of the way. The more organised you are with your time the quicker you will get results. Once duty is over you might decide to treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment. Your body needs some pampering.

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