Homeowner hailed a hero for taking revenge on neighbour who parked in front of house

A homeowner has been hailed a hero for taking revenge on a neighbour who parked in front of their house.

The person took to Reddit to share their story about their neighbour – called Brittany – who appeared to park in front of their house because they didn’t have a driveway.

They said that what really got on their nerves was the fact that while there was space for two cars, the driver would park across the spaces, preventing a second car from joining them.

When the driver refused to park in front of their own house, the homeowner decided to take revenge through the clever use of their own car.

The Reddit community was delighted with the plan and praised the person for what they had done.

They said: “The opportunity came a couple of days later. I came home and my spouse was already parked in front of her car.

“But lo! The next-door neighbour wasn’t home yet. I could park behind her. I’d have to scoot up to make sure there was enough room for my other neighbours (they were innocent in all this).

“So I pulled up behind them and checked the space. Two feet of room. Back into the car to inch forward some more.

“Checked again. Still had a good foot. I kept doing this till there were literally inches between our bumpers.”

The user added: “Here’s the thing, I had two cars at my disposal now whereas she only had one. So into the spouse’s van I went to inch backwards until they were only inches from kissing bumpers.

“Perfect. Point of note: both of my vehicles were old, scratched, and beaten up. I probably wouldn’t notice another dent in them. But the Prius was pristine.

“I knew Brittany wasn’t likely to risk it. I expected that I would get a knock on the door sometime that evening. But when I took the trash out that night, Brittany and her Prius were gone.

“She must’ve executed a 200-point turn to get out. I cackled to myself and went to bed happy. The best part was, she stopped parking on my side of the street after that one incident. I guess she realised it really was more convenient to park on hers.”

Underneath the post, fellow Reddit users were full of praise for the homeowner.

One person wrote: “Good for you! I usually intentionally park across the street from another car so that the street narrows down and people drive slower.

“There are a lot of kids on the block, so I don’t want people speeding through. And there’s still plenty of room to drive on the street, it just doesn’t look like a race track anymore.”

Another person added: “That must have been one heck of a manoeuvre for her to get out. I don’t know, it’s a Prius, maybe she picked it up and scooted it out!”


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