Holidays: New destinations added to UK’s holiday exemption list including tropical islands

Holidays abroad have been out of bounds for Britons recently. But last week, the UK government released a list of countries that Britons can travel to and not face the UK’s stringent quarantine rules on their return. Some of the countries on the list include British favourites such as Spain, France and Italy.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website reads: “On July 4 our travel advice changed, with exemptions for travelling to certain countries and territories that no longer pose a high risk for British travellers.

“We continue to advise against non-essential international travel, except to countries and territories listed.

“We also currently advise against cruise ship travel.

“We are monitoring the international situation very closely and keeping this advice under constant review so that it reflects our latest assessment of risks to British people.

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Britons will be overjoyed to hear that the Turks and Caicos Islands are included on the list.

The islands officially reopened its borders to tourism on July 22.

Visitors will be required to bring proof of a recent negative coronavirus test.

Other destinations on the list include the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Montserrat.

Other territories include The Falkland Islands, British Antarctic Territory, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and Pitcairn.

It comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that he will be going on holiday in the UK this year.

He has also encouraged others to do the same.

During a visit to the London Ambulance Service, he said: “I think this is a great, great year for people to have a staycation.

“This country is uniquely blessed with fantastic places to holiday, whether coastal or otherwise.

“And I am certainly going to be doing that, but I won’t necessarily tell you where at this stage.

“Obviously if people feel the need for a foreign holiday then that’s completely a matter for them, I totally understand it, but there are fantastic, fantastic places, peerless, wonderful, superlative places in the UK to go on holiday and that’s certainly what I will be doing.”


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