Hit Man Star Reveals How Steamy Bath Scene Resulted in Painful Rash


  • Adria Arjona discussed the painful experience shooting intimate scenes for
    Hit Man
    due to rash-causing props.
  • A crew error with Dawn soap caused discomfort but filming continued for busy day of sex scenes.
  • Arjona addresses misunderstandings from fans about enjoyment while shooting steamy scenes with Powell.

Adria Arjona, who stars alongside Glen Powell in Netflix’s new romantic action-comedy, Hit Man, revealed that the film’s intimate scenes were anything but sexy when it came to shooting them thanks to a rash caused by the pair’s steamy bath scene. Hit Man follows Gary Johnson, who poses as a professional killer, but finds his fake job upended when he’s hired by (and falls in love with) a desperate woman (Arjona) fleeing from her abusive husband. Much like Powell’s previous romantic outing, 2023’s Anyone But You (co-starring Sydney Sweeney), Hit Man features some steamy scenes, but Arjona has discussed the painful process of shooting them.

It started when a crew member added Dawn washing liquid to the bathwater the pair were acting in. Adria Arjona appeared on the Just for Variety podcast, and said how that simple mistake impeded the entire day’s filming. It was the day that Powell and Arjona, led by director Richard Linklater, were filming all the movie’s sex scenes. “That strips you of all your oils of your skin. That’s used for baby ducks when there’s an oil spill for God’s sake,” Arjona said about the dish washing soap. She continued, “We soaked in this bathtub for an hour and I get out of the tub and all of a sudden I dry myself and I can’t bend my knees because I have no oils.”

Hit Man

Hit Man

Release Date
June 7, 2024

1hr 53min

Adria Arjona revealed that shooting the bath scene left both her and Powell with nasty rashes. However, they couldn’t stop production on a very busy filming day, and the pair were whisked off to make-up, so that shooting could continue. Arjona said:

“That was the day that we filmed all of our sex scenes – all of them with a crazy rash. We were both in so much pain. We would just die laughing, ‘How much makeup do you have on your ass right now?’ I was like, ‘So much, it’s not even funny.'”

Adria Arjona Says Fans Misunderstand Shooting ‘Fun’ Intimate Scenes

As convincing as their characters’ relationships may appear on-screen (and occasionally off-screen in the case of Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney), shooting such scenes is a purely professional matter. Adria Arjona addressed this during the interview, saying that fans mistook her and Powell’s comments describing shooting the intimate scenes as “fun”, and imprinting their own opinions on them. “We keep saying we had so much fun. People were taking it in a different direction,” the actress said. Arjona didn’t deny enjoying producing those scenes, but not for the reasons some fans think, continuing:

“We had fun because it was so funny. We were both in pain with makeup all over this rash and it was funny.”


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The first reviews for Hit Man have already been released online, and the movie is currently Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes at 97%, from 98 reviews. While a sequel hasn’t officially been confirmed yet, Arjona has said she would return in a heartbeat. “If it were up to me, throw me back in there,” the actress said, going on to praise her partnership with Glen Powell and Richard Linklater, “I love working with Rick and with Glen.”

Hit Man
releases in select theaters on May 24, 2024, before streaming on Netflix on June 7, 2024.


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