His Dark Materials season 2 cast: Who plays Mary Malone? Meet actress Simone Kirby

Dr Malone is played by Irish actress Simone Kirby, who has taken on previous roles in Jimmy’s Hall and Clean Break.

She also played Irene O’Donnell in Peaky Blinders, as well as taking on roles in Artemis Fowl, Rebellion and Silent Witness.

Fans have already taken to Twitter to express their excitement over Mary Malone’s debut in His Dark Materials, with one saying: “Mary Malone turning up in the next time on trailer #HisDarkMaterials” with a video of an excited Kermit the Frog.

Kirby herself shared a post when the series first made its debut on the BBC, saying: “His Dark Materials in just over an hour. Mary Malone doesn’t arrive till Ep 2, but hope you enjoy Ep. 1! [sic].”

One fan commented: “And just in time for when we really need someone with the academic knowledge to investigate @darkmaterials.”

The actress is well-known for her supporting roles and she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress at the IFTAs in 2017, for her roles in Notes on Blindness.


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