'He's happy to come back to my house – why won't new guy make the first move?'

Coleen Nolan advises a reader who is getting mixed messages from a man she met online after their first few dinner dates – they have shared a few kisses but he’s not taking it any further

A Mirror reader is confused by her date's lack of interest (stock image)
A Mirror reader is confused by her date’s lack of interest (stock image)

Dear Coleen

I met a really lovely guy online a few months ago and recently we’ve finally been able to meet up a few times for drinks and dinner, and he’s come back to my place on every occasion.

My worry is that he hasn’t made a move yet! We’ve had a few kisses, but it never progresses any further.

I don’t want to sound loose, but don’t you think if he was really interested in me he would take things further?

Maybe he’s just not that into me, but I’ve been out of the dating pool for a while so I’m finding it hard to judge.

Coleen says

Well, maybe he’s just taking things slowly and getting to know you better. If he wasn’t interested, I think you’d probably know by now and there wouldn’t have been any kissing.

I actually think it sounds quite romantic – proper old-fashioned dating as opposed to jumping straight into bed.

Also, you could be the one to take the lead and move things on yourself!

Obviously, if things continue the way they are and you’re confused about where the relationship is heading, then it’s time for an honest conversation or maybe even time for you to cut your losses and move on.


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