Hereditary Director Calls Next Movie Midsommar a Perverted Wizard of Oz

Ari Aster will premiere his next feature-length movie Midsommar this summer, but is warning viewers not to go in expecting Hereditary. Details about the movie are a bit scarce, with the official trailer leaving us with just more questions. While we can expect an unsettling story with macabre elements, however, Aster is suggesting filmgoers go in expecting to see something completely different. When asked if the new movie will be like his Mamma Mia, Aster agreed, suggesting Midsommar is basically a “Wizard of Oz for perverts.” The filmmaker also shed a few more details on what we can expect from the movie, hinting that it will be horrific in certain parts, but not necessarily a straight horror movie.

“It’s a breakup movie, in the same way that Hereditary is a family tragedy. It’s less overtly a horror movie, but it’s still working in that same space. It’s very macabre. But people shouldn’t go in expecting Hereditary.”

Midsommar focuses on couple Dani (Florence Pugh, Fighting with my Family) and Christian (Jack Reynor, Transformers: Age of Extinction) vacationing to a small Swedish town hosting its own summer festival. As the festivities go on, however, Dani begins to grow suspicious of the cult-like tendencies of the town’s villagers. Will Poulter, Vilhelm Blomgren, and William Jackson Harper also star. More trailers are expected to release in the months leading up to the movie’s premiere, which will perhaps shed some more light on the uniquely compelling story.

Ari Aster is of course best known for writing and directing Hereditary, which became an instant hit after premiering at Sundance last year. Starring Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, and Gabriel Byrne, the acclaimed horror movie focuses on a family haunted following the death of their secretive grandmother. Word of mouth quickly spread on the movie’s quality, resulting in audiences flocking to see it in theaters upon its wide release. Ultimately, Hereditary grossed over $79 million on a budget of just $9 million, making it A24’s highest-grossing movie worldwide. Collette’s performance in the movie in particular earned Hereditary lots of praise, and Aster himself agrees with the consensus she should have been nominated for an Academy Award. “Of course, she was snubbed!” Aster says, suggesting her omission had more to do with the movie’s genre than Collette’s performance. “It’s a horror film – and those are kind of traditionally maligned by the industry.”

A lifelong horror fan, Aster’s filmmaking career first began in 2011 with the short film The Strange Thing About the Johnsons. Focusing on a different kind of horror, the half hour movie explored a sexually abusive relationship between a father and son, spanning over the course of ten years. In the disturbing story, the father is actually the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his son, and seeks to end the abuse by coming clean about everything that’s happened in a memoir. The movie went viral and Aster continued to write and direct many more short films over the next several years, with last year’s Hereditary serving as his first feature length project.

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Midsommar is set to hit theaters on August 9, 2019. We’ll see if the movie is able to reach the same heights of Aster’s Hereditary, but given the filmmaker’s clear creative talent, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the summer flick already. The concept is uniquely compelling, and we’ll ultimately see if it delivers. Perhaps the movie will forever change the way people see festival culture. This information comes to us from Vulture.


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