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‘Have a comb I’m not using’ Matt Lucas hits out at Boris Johnson’s dishevelled appearance

Matt Lucas, 47, offered Boris Johnson a “comb” after the Prime Minister posted a video explaining he would now be reverting his decision to forgo self-isolation after being “pinged” by the Test and Trace app. The Prime Minister said he “did look briefly at the idea” of taking part in a daily-test pilot scheme but thinks it’s “far more important that everybody sticks to the same rules” so will be self-isolating until next Monday.

The PM released a statement on his Twitter account addressing his U-turn, but one element of the video particularly caught the attention of a few followers.

His blonde locks appeared rather dishevelled in the video as he spoke about his self-isolation decision.

Matt Lucas responded: “I have a comb I’m not using if you want one.”

While former Labour advisor Alastair Campbell bluntly typed: “Comb your hair. Take the knee.  And f**k off out of our lives.”

Piers Morgan typed: “Boris Johnson tells us to abide by the rules he intended to circumvent until everyone wants nuts. 

“What a shambles – but what else to expect from a guy who can’t be bothered to even brush his hair when he addresses the British people? 

“You’re Prime Minister, not Worzel Gummidge,” he added.

However, others praised the PM, as they thanked him for setting an example.

One said: “Thank you for leading by example, Prime Minister. You’re our hero.”

A second remarked: “You’re vaccinated and have had Covid. You know and I know this is ludicrous.”

Mr Johnson said: “Like hundreds of thousands of other people across the country, I’ve been pinged.

“I’ve been asked to self-isolate by the Test Trace and Isolate system.”

Ahead of England lifting restrictions tomorrow, the PM urged everyone to “please, please, please, be cautious”.

The Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak are now self-isolating following their original plans to avoid staying at home after Sajid Javid’s positive COVID-19 test, Downing Street said.

After Mr Javid, the newly appointed Health Secretary, contracted coronavirus and went into quarantine, it was thought a number of other ministers and officials might also have to self-isolate.

Downing Street initially said that Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak would be taking in a pilot scheme whereby they would be tested daily and so did not have to quarantine.


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