Halloween baking fail as cake topper looks much ruder than it should

After watching 10 weeks of the Great British Bake Off, many of us will want to get in the kitchen and whip up our own sweet treats.

But it’s no secret that creating a great cake can be tricky and a number of amateur bakers have suffered awkward baking fails.

Take for instance, the rather rude looking Disney cake one mum made for her child’s birthday and the time someone asked for a Mariah Carey cake and received a Marie Curie one instead.

And more recently, a baker got a bit of a shock when they completed a cake for a children’s Halloween party, only to discover an issue with the topper.

Can you see what’s wrong with the cake


A photo of the orange ghost cake was anonymously shared in a shaming group on Facebook.

The bake has orange and white stripes on it, black dripping icing and is topped with little ghosts and writing.

The text is meant to read “Trick or treat” but the fancy font makes it appear as if it’s saying something very different.

People can’t help but notice that the topper looks like it reads “F*** off”.


However the flaw made them love the cake all the more.

One person commented: “10/10 I love this cake for all the reasons it is a fail.”

A second person said: “Absolutely love it, the f-word makes it better.”

A third added: “Scrolling through I thought it said ‘f off then realised it’s supposed to say trick or treat. Beautiful cake, too bad they ran out of time to proofread the topper.”

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Others pointed out that the cake could easily be made more child-friendly by taking off the topper.

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