Gruesome moment cannibal crocodile eats younger croc in South Africa

A 900kg crocodile made light work of a smaller 100kg croc (Picture: Media Drum World)

Humans turning into cannibals may seem like the perfect script for an apocalyptic film.

But crocodiles don’t have to wait for the end of the world before a bigger croc comes along looking for an easy lunch.

This is exactly what happened to one 100kg crocodile who had the misfortune of coming up against a 900kg beast.

Photographer Stephen Kangisser watched as the bigger croc ‘flaunted’ his kill throughout the day before finally settling down to eat it.

The reality of the ‘croc eat croc’ world was captured at Sunset Dam in Kruger National Park.

However, South Africa’s biggest game reserve will now be one crocodile short.

The croc ‘flaunted’ his kill before chowing down (Picture: Media Drum World)
Crocs are one of nature’s top cannibals (Picture: Media Drum World)

As shocking as this cannibalism seems, it is not an uncommon act for the reptile species.

Crocodiles are known for turning on each other to control their population.

It often happens when they run out of animals to hunt and eat, or they may do it just to show dominance.

The ones that do turn cannibalistic usually avoid other crocs their size and females at the age of reproduction.

Stephen, 68, said: ‘It was a once in a lifetime sighting which many visitors to the park got the opportunity to see.

‘I have seen many kills in the wild but nothing like this before. It didn’t seem real and I felt sorry for the smaller crocodile.’

Stephen has visited Kruger since he was a child and loves to share what he sees as ‘most may never get the opportunity to witness what I have done in the wild’.

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