Grab Your Tissues, Because Netflix’s All The Bright Places Is Going To Go There

Get ready to bust out a fresh new box of Kleenex, because Netflix is coming back with another romantic drama that’s going to get those tears flowing.

All the Bright Places is a new film starring Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, based on the novel of the same name. It follows two teens who just want to get out of their one-horse Indiana town: Theodore Finch (Smith) and Violet Markey (Fanning). While Violet is popular enough, she grapples with survivor’s guilt after losing her sister in a car accident. Theodore, on the other hand, is obsessed with death, and other students call him a freak because of it.

The two find themselves joined together by fate after meeting atop their school’s bell tower, planning to jump from the ledge. As they talk the other down from making a mistake they’ll regret, they enter a touching relationship in which they nurture each other and learn to understand what the other’s going through, even when mental illness begins to plague Theodore and threatens to pull them apart.

The pair end up changing each other’s lives forever, despite the “emotional and physical scars” of their past, according to the film’s official description. It’s no doubt going to cause more than a little bit of heartbreak, but then that’s exactly the kind of movie you expect from a best-selling YA novel, after all.

In addition to Fanning and Smith, the film is set to star Alexandra Shipp, Keegan Michael-Key, Luke Wilson, Kelli O’Hara, Felix Mallard, Virginia Gardner, Lamar Johnson, and Sofia Hasmik.

All the Bright Places is set to hit Netflix on February 28. Mercifully, Valentine’s Day will have come and gone by then, so you’ll be able to get some serious weeping in without the added sadness that holiday inevitably brings for many of us.


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