Google Maps Street View: Lumberjack causes a stir when he is photographed in shocking pose

Google Maps Street View has captured a man who appears to have made a shocking move while at work. A funny photo caught by Google shows two lumberjacks working in what seem to be hot conditions. The pair have a truck piled high with logs while further timber can be seen stacked to one side. One of the men, who appears to be holding some gloves, has stripped to just a pair of shorts he is so hot.

However, the other man has made a much more alarming decision – and has captured the attention of his colleague.

The man is standing on top of the lorry and appears to be completely naked.

The only clothing that can be seen seems to be a white item tied around his head, presumably for protection against the sun.

He is standing with his hands on his hips and is looking straight at the camera.

The lumberjack seems to show no shame about his nudity and makes no attempt to cover up.

Google Maps has made the decision to blur out the man’s nether regions.

This is because Google does not allow “inappropriate content” on street view, including “sexually explicit content.”

The man’s face can also not be distinguished so he cannot be identified.

It is unclear where in the world the photo was taken.

The lumberjack is far from the only person to be apparently unabashed when caught naked by Google Maps Street View.

A man in Quebec, Canada was spotted sitting on a wooden bench on a raised, green porch and seems to be having a very relaxed al fresco afternoon. 

However, he appears to have made a very bizarre decision when it came to his wardrobe choice.

The man is stark naked and sits with his legs splayed open as he reads a book.

It’s unclear why he’s naked but an item of blue clothing can be seen on the bench next to him.

Perhaps he got just too hot and removing the apparel was the only solution. Alternatively, perhaps he simply enjoys being naked outside. Either way, he seems perfectly comfortable with his own nudity.

No one else can be seen in the picture so it’s not known how many passersby spotted him in his state of undress.


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