Gogglebox 2019: ‘Keep it off!’ Viewers ANGRY over Brexit segment on Channel 4 show

Viewers tuned into another episode of Gogglebox this evening on Channel 4.

The show saw many of the familiar families were back on television screens.

This evening’s episode, however, had a rather divisive segment on Brexit.

The families had to watch BBC News in which they discussed Brexit and viewers weren’t very happy about it.

Many viewers took to Twitter to complain about the segment as they didn’t want to hear anything about Brexit while watching Gogglebox.

One viewer wrote: “Ergh Brexit not very light entertainment. Don’t we watch these programs to escape reality.”

Another added: “Nooo not Brexit. Can’t we have just one show that doesn’t mention this mess.”

“Think we should all have a party when Brexit is done because we don’t have to hear the bloody word Brexit,” commented another viewer.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Aww f***! Brexit!”

“Do we really need the #Gogglebox opinion on Brexit?” asked another viewer.

One Tweet read: “Where’s Stephen’s mum? #Gogglebox,” while another added: “Where’s Pat? I loved her and Stephen! #Gogglebox #bringbackpat.”

“Sorry Stephen, I think I preferred Pat #Gogglebox,” someone chimed as another fan of the show said: “Ohh, mummy Pat has gone (no disrespect to Daniel though) #Gogglebox.”

“Bring back Steve’s mum! #Gogglebox,” a viewer demanded.

Some, however, loved the new addition with as someone wrote: “Loving Stephen and his husband already! #Gogglebox,” while another added: “Already love Stephen & his husband #Gogglebox.”

Gogglebox returns next Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.


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