GLAMOUR Tries: We tested the KVD Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation TikTok'ers are going wild for, and when they said they were hooked after 'one swipe', they weren't playing

There’s no better time than a national lockdown to test out the coolest new skincare/makeup/hair trends and snazzy innovations in beauty tech from the comfort of your own home. That said, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending upwards of £100 on a snazzy new hair treatment or at-home facial system, only to find out it doesn’t *actually* work.

Enter GLAMOUR Tries: the weekly Instagram series which sees GLAMOUR editors do all of the time-consuming (and expensive) work for you.

We’ve been busy trying out all of the (sometimes) wacky but always wonderful beauty crazes to take the internet by storm – from the FOREO’s UFO 2 Smart Mask Treatment (an LED face mask with a difference) to Sarah Chapman’s £138 Meso-Melt Infusion at-home facial and Toni&Guy’s Hello Day! Secret Volumising Crimper. These are the products that every veteran beauty sleuth is talking about on the internet – but that you want to do a bit of research into before buying.

Thanks to GLAMOUR Tries, you won’t need to waste your hard-earned pennies on testing these innovations yourself. We’re getting in their first, giving you the lowdown and making sure you invest in products that genuinely work. Like what you see? You can shop all of the products seen on GLAMOUR tries in previous weeks down below. Race ya?

On GLAMOUR Tries this week, our Beauty and Features Assistant, Sheila Manoma, tried the foundation balm everyone on TikTok is going certifiably *wild* for. Yep: we got our hands on the famed KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm – a seriously high coverage foundation which promises to feel balmy and light on the skin.

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It’s infused with apple extract to help nourish your complexion, and promises to minimise the appearance of pores for a smooth, healthy and soft-matte finish. Plus, the brand state that it’s “noncomedogenic”. To you and me, that means it contains ingredients that won’t clog or block the pores on your skin… basically, it’s non-cakey. Oh, and did we mention it’s praised for being flashback-free and super blend-able, too? It had a lot to live up to…

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“I’ve seen raving reviews about this foundation all over TikTok – and it’s kind of like a cream base, and, as you can see, it’s brand new. I’ve gone for shade Tan 072,” Shei said.

First impressions? “Quick swipe…. Wow. Wow. I am shook. When people were saying ‘one swipe’, they weren’t playing. Look at this! Oh my gosh! I am shocked. I am actually shocked.”

“Look at the glow as well! Look at that glow. It’s super natural. Do I even need concealer at this point? I don’t know.

“Okay, so verdict: the person that you met about three or four stories ago, is not the same person as now. I just feel like – when they said this covers tattoos, they weren’t playing any games. They were serious. Personally, I feel like it covered all my blemishes, my hyperpigmentation, my sins… my soul. The whole thing.

“I applied with a dense brush, but you also have the option to have more light coverage – you can apply with a damp sponge. Sometimes you’ll see trends on TikTok and you’re like that looks great, then you try it on yourself and it looks mad or it doesn’t work. But this did the ting. So it’s a yes from me.”

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Before you *add to cart*, remember you can save when you shop with our Boots discount codes. There’s 10% off your Boots order until further notice…

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Would you give the KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm a go? Have you already tried it? Let us know your thoughts over on Instagram @glamouruk.

In the meantime, here are all of the products you’ve seen on GLAMOUR Tries over the past few weeks. Happy shopping!


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