Give your pooch a luxury hotel stay with Evian water fountains, aromatherapy massages and 24-hour nanny service

(Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)

It’s anyone’s dream holiday – spa treatments, a butler service and excellent food – except at this particular hotel, all the guests are dogs.

Having trouble avoiding the pleading puppy dog eyes when you’re heading for a trip without your pet? You no longer need to feel the guilt, because at the Little Lord Barkley in Headley Court, Surrey, your pooch is likely to have a better time away than you will.

The ultra-luxury stay includes first-class care that borders on the extreme.

The experience begins from the moment the dogs are picked up – by a chauffeur in a Range Rover Sport – and there are no cages, each pooch has a pillow to lounge on until they arrive at the hotel.

Plenty of green spaces to explore (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)
The country-side property has lots of green areas for outdoor activities (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)
The luxury treatment starts from the get-go with all dogs picked up in a Range Rover (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)
The team wear designer clothing to take care of their special guests (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)
There’s also a 24-hour nanny service for pooches that need extra attention (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)

A team member will greet them on arrival, dressed in a Ralph Lauren, Barbour and Le Chameau uniform.

Once inside (or outside) pooches can enjoy Evian water from fountains, receive £40 Japanese aromatherapy massages with oils from Neils Yard and baths with rose petals, while at bedtime, the dogs unwind to a classical music soundtrack – all to ensure they are relaxed to the max.

There are no designated rooms. Instead, pets can sleep wherever they want, be that on a plush leather sofa, in a dog bed or on the floor with their newly-made pals.

Rose petal bath, anyone? (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)
(Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)
Evian water flows in the many water fountains around the property (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)
‘This tastes so much better than regular tap water’ (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)

If you’re concerned your pooch might not get enough attention, you can rest easy – the hotel has five permanent staff members and only allows 15 dogs at any given time – and there’s also a 24-hour nanny service (for £75 per night).

Worried dog owners can also sign up for Whatsapp updates and videos (filmed from a drone that flies across the property) and local vets are on stand-by in case of emergency.

As for the menu, three meals are offered every day, prepared with meat from high end stores such as Whole Foods, Harrods and Fortnum & Mason – all cooked to order by a chef. Additional choices are available for £5 or £7 extra a day.

‘You smell lovely – did you try the rose bath?’ (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)
There are no rooms – the dogs can sleep anywhere they’d like (Picture: The Little Lord Barkley)

Fridays are even more lavish, with a weekly afternoon tea party provided by a canine bakery including sandwiches, cakes and treats made from British organic ingredients.

Dogs who are staying over during their birthday also receive a special ‘doggy cake’.

It’s worth noting that the hotel is primarily designed for small or medium-sized dogs with plenty of outdoor space, and welcomes pups as young as one month, as well as disabled dogs.

If your ‘little lord’ been a good boy/girl, give them their treat (but beware, they might not miss you as much as you hope).

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