Ghostly CCTV shows 'spirit of dog' walking through fences and car

Spooky CCTV footage that has left some convinced they’ve spotted the “ghost of a dog” is sending shivers down the spines of ghost hunters across the web.

The chilling video was uploaded to the Ghosts Caught On Camera group on Facebook just last week, although the timestamp indicates it was recorded last year. It came with the caption: “Can anyone suggest what this is? Focus on the right hand side of the video.”

Capturing a quiet neighbourhood street under the cover of darkness, the footage shows no sign of human activity. However, as the scene unfolds, an odd grey form can be seen gliding from the lower right corner across to the left side of the screen.

Inexplicably, this mysterious entity seems to pass through two fences and a stationary car along its path.

Eager online sleuths have been speculating in the comments beneath the 41-second video, with many coming to a similar conclusion.

One viewer remarked: “It looks like a spirit of a dog.” Echoing this sentiment, another commented: “Ghost of a dog visiting.”

A third added in a similar vein: “Sprint of a cat, looks like a cat.” While a fourth suggested: “Ghost of a cat.”

Another commenter weighed in on whether the apparition resembled a dog or cat, stating: “It moves like a dog – its ghost. Not a cat. I’m a cat owner and cats don’t move like that. They are not that big and they most certainly don’t go through cars. Neither do dogs but this seems to be a ghost dog.”

However, sceptics were quick to dismiss any ghostly theories, with several people proposing a more mundane theory. One person commented: “Looks like a bug on the lens. We get this a lot on our cameras.” Another chimed in with: “A bug crawling over the camera lens.”

Yet, not everyone was convinced by these explanations, as some countered with the possibility of it being the shadow of something traversing a powerline just out of the frame.


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