Get ready for the apocalypse in style in this Las Vegas bomb shelter mansion

(Picture: Jeremy Fishell)

With the recent warm weather and breakdown of our political landscape, you’d be absolutely forgiven for thinking that we’re on the brink of some sort of collapse.

Since failure to prepare is preparing to fail, why not do doomsday in style when it finally comes, and get a mansion that sits underground in a bomb shelter?

There’s one currently for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada, that has Cold War cum Club Tropicana vibes out the wazoo, and it only costs $18 million (£13,567,950).

The property is nestled under the desert 26 feet underground and has all sorts of things that you wouldn’t need during the apocalypse like a car garage and two spas.

It’s just two miles from the Vegas strip, and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms set across 5,000 feet.

There’s also a guest house, a swimming pool with waterfall, an outdoor barbeque, and a games room.

(Picture: Jeremy Fishell)
(Picture: Jeremy Fishell)
(Picture: Jeremy Fishell)
(Picture: Jeremy Fishell)
(Picture: Jeremy Fishell)

Probably the eeriest part of the property has to be the floor-to-ceiling murals on the outdoor walls to simulate the sky, and the lighting that mimics different times of the day.

It’s still bedecked with the same mid-century features and furnishings it was built to have originally by Avon Cosmetics executive Girard Henderson.

Back in the 60s during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Cold War, a number of wealthy Americans built underground shelters, but he wanted to go one better.

His aim was to have everything you might want in a luxury lifestyle, just in relative safety if a nuclear bomb were to drop.

It’s unlikely you’d be able to come up for air much, but at least you could have a sauna while everything up above is in chaos. Silver linings, eh.

If you want to live out your ‘humans of late-stage capitalism’ dreams, you can book a viewing here.

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