Get paid £200 a week to travel the world – but Instagrammers have to choose what you do

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A travel company, Busabout, has launched a global search for six content creators to go off on all-expenses paid trip around the world worth up to £8,000.

But of course, like all things that sound far too good to be true, there is a catch.

Those who apply must be prepared to leave their holiday experience in the hands of Instagrammers.

So, essentially, you’ll get to travel around for free – but you’ll have to constantly update your travels on social media, and must leave the holiday decisions up to Busabout’s followers.

The trips will vary from six to 11 weeks, and winners will get to travel as a duo through USA, South East Asia or Europe.

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And, while travelling, those watching the experience from Busabout’s Instagram will get to choose your every step – making decisions like whether you should go skydiving or water rafting n Lauterbrunnen, and whether or not to swallow a deep fried insect in Bangkok,.

Instagram users will have the total power to decide what happens next.

Busabout will be offering their followers polls to vote in, to decide what you should do on your travels, and you have to stick to what they vote for.

Last year, Busabout assembled an Ultimate Travel Squad of four content creators who took over Busabout’s social platforms for three months while travelling across Europe.

This year, you’re competing to get to experience The Great Travel Experiment while capturing every piece of content for the travel company’s social media channels.

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There are two positions up for grabs in each destination – an Instagram Storyteller who is confident in front of a lens, passionate about travelling and has a knack for telling a great story, and a Videographer with creative flair and experience filming and editing brilliant video content.

All successful candidates, no matter their chosen position, will be required to get involved in the challenges set by Instagram’s audience.

The South East Asia and USA itineraries both last for six weeks over summer, while the 11 week Europe itinerary hits the hotspots across the continent and culminates with beers and pretzels at Oktoberfest in Munich.

All six successful content creators will be paid £200 each week on top of the all-expenses paid trip.

To apply for The Great Travel Experiment simply decide whether you’re an Instagram Storyteller or Videographer, suggest a preferred destination and record a 60 second video showcasing the best bits of your very own hometown – extra points will be awarded for creativity.

Candidates can apply as a dynamic duo with a fellow creative genius, or sign up solo and bond with their new colleague on the road.

Videos can be submitted on the Busabout website and entries are open until 8 April 2019.

The Busabout team will select a shortlist and leave the final decision up to public vote on the Busabout website.

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