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Gemma Atkinson: Pregnant star brands Gorka Marquez a 'd*** head' in debate about baby

Gemma Atkinson, 34, got into a bit of a debate with her Strictly Come Dancing beau Gorka Marquez, 28, over a particular issue that she is experiencing while pregnant. The actress, who is expecting her first child with the dancer, took to Instagram to record their conversation. Gemma is known for her fitness prowess, but the star admitted in the video that carrying a baby is having an affect on her ability to perform well in the gym. After being quizzed by Gorka, who wondered if it was tough for her to train while being pregnant, she responded with a cheeky retort in an attempt to encourage her boyfriend to empathise with her.

The former Hollyoaks star quipped: “I’m doing a test on him tomorrow.”

Gemma added: “He’s gonna wear a backpack on his front and we’re gonna put a 10kg weight in it.”

Unfortunately, Gemma’s comment appeared to fail in getting the desired response from Gorka, who instead joked that he would look like a “turtle” if her experiment was carried out.

Showing off their funny banter, Gemma exclaimed: “No! A turtle has it on its back d*** head, you’re going to have it on your front.”

The two then collapsed into a fit of giggles as they pictured the hilarious image of the Strictly favourite turning into “an inverted turtle.”

Gorka then dug himself into an even deeper hole in the debate by suggesting that “babies are not that heavy.”

He added: “When I was born, I was 30kg only.”

In response, Gemma pointed out: “I have two pairs of 3kg on me”, in a witty reference to the weight of her breasts combined with the heaviness of the baby.

In spite of the restrictions of her pregnancy, Gemma has been impressing fans with her unfaltering dedication to health and fitness on social media.

The toned star recently posted a clip of herself lifting weights on Instagram, while explaining her workout regime to her 952k followers.

Gemma captioned the video: “I’m heading into my 3rd trimester so I’m currently doing lighter weights and slower repetitions as my balance isn’t what it was.

“I’ve gained around 10kg (around 1 and a 1/2 stone) hence why my weights are light, I’m genuinely heavy enough.

“I followed this with 15 mins slow walking on a slight incline.”

She also offered some advice to fellow expectant mothers who may want to follow in her footsteps, revealing: “I always trained hard before I fell pregnant and I have the go ahead from my doctors and midwife to continue training.

“Please check with yours before exercising!”


The actress concluded the post by writing: “Don’t be too hard on yourself or your body.

“It’s going through a miracle and every single day of those 9 months will be worth it when you meet your baby.” 


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