Gary Neville tells Man Utd chiefs to sell naming rights to Old Trafford to help out fans

Manchester United are one of the few teams in the Premier League to have not sold the naming rights to their stadium, but Neville believes the club should try to flog them off in order to make tickets cheaper.

Speaking on ‘The Last Word with Stan Collymore’, the former United defender explained that the move would allow for new generations of fans to come to Old Trafford.

United have had the highest average attendance in every season since the 1993/94 season, but Neville believes there is a fear of future fans being put off.

Manchester City, who have won the league four times this decade, are recognised now by most as the bigger of the two clubs, but are still some way behind United in terms of attendance due to the size of both stadiums.

And Neville is clearly concerned about the fact that potential future United fans could be tempted over to the Etihad instead.

United currently have 61 ‘official partners’ listed on their website, and have been mocked by some rival fans for the amount of sponsorships they have.

Neville used this as a reason for them selling off the naming rights for Old Trafford, and implored the club to try and get as much money in as possible.

“The Glazer family, and to be fair, they’ve said it for correct reasons, have said that they’ll never put naming rights on Old Trafford, the brand of Old Trafford,” he said.

“I would sell the naming rights to Old Trafford if I was at Manchester United for £60, £70, £80 million-a-year.

“On the understanding that all of the money generated – £800m over ten years – would mean that the whole of the Stratford end would be £10 or £12 to get in, and a proportion of those tickets would go to young people.

“To be fair, it’s the first time I’ve made that suggestion, but I’ve thought it for many, many years.

“You would consult with the fans, you’ve sold sponsorships in every other area of the club. Old Trafford is an iconic stadium in name. I’ll never change calling it Old Trafford.

“But for the sake of it, let’s say you sponsor it for £80million-a-year, and you call it ‘Stan Collymore’s Old Trafford’, I was trying to think of a company name then, but let’s call it ‘Stan Collymore’s Old Trafford’, or the Jamie Carragher Arena, it would subsidise ticket prices for ten years and it would be wonderful.

“Think about it, £80m per year, and the whole of the Stratford End would be absolutely bouncing with hungry, raw individuals, who would be able to take their kids, and drive the next generation of United fans.

“It would allow the communities of Stretford, Salford, Broughton, of Ordsall, to get into Old Trafford for the price of a Costa Coffee.”


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