Garry Monk: Sheffield Wednesday boss 'would understand' players' training worries

Garry Monk became Sheffield Wednesday boss in September 23019, three months after leaving Birmingham City

Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk says he would understand if any of his players or staff had concerns about returning to training.

Championship teams are hoping to begin small group training from 25 May after English Football League guidance.

Premier League teams are starting non-contact training from Tuesday.

Monk says he thinks all managers in the second tier want to see the campaign completed on the pitch, but a few details still need to be ironed out.

Troy Deeney, capotain of Premier League club Watford, has said he will not return to training because he fears for his family’s health.

“There have been no reservations from our players on returning to training just yet, but if a player has an issue or has a feeling that there’s a certain risk to himself or their families, you have to consider that and have to understand that,” Monk told BBC Radio Sheffield.

“We’ve had none of that as of yet but, if that came along, the right thing to do is to do right by whatever that player or staff member feels. We’d go through that with them and see if we can cross those bridges.

“I think football players have been portrayed particularly poorly during this period, with what I’ve read.

“They’re human beings. They’ve got the same problems as everyone else, the same issues as everyone else, the same concerns as anyone else.”

Monk’s side are 15th in the Championship, eight points off the play-off places and nine points clear of relegation danger, with nine rounds of games outstanding.

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“We had a Championship managers’ meeting the other day and I think we’re all in agreement, we want to finish the season, I think that’s the right thing to do, to finish it on the pitch” the 41-year-old added.

“But there are a lot of things that need to be signed off a few grey areas still to work out. Obviously we’ve been waiting a long time for the guidance and instructions.

“The first real directive came this week, in terms of a possible return date of 25 May [for small group training]. There are still a few things that need to be signed off but that’s the first time the EFL have given us a more definite date of a return to training.

“Obviously we need phase three to come, which is the main part, like normal training. Unless we get to that point, of course we can’t finish the season.”


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