Gardener shares £5 hack to avoid slugs on your plants using just two items

Slugs, the bane of many a British garden, are infamous for their plant-munching antics, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Yet, green-fingered enthusiasts need not despair, as there are tried and tested ways to protect your prized petunias from these slimy invaders. These molluscs thrive in the UK’s damp conditions, with some species contributing positively by decomposing dead organic matter.

However, others have a penchant for the vibrant flowers that gardeners painstakingly cultivate.

The good news is with the right know-how, you can keep these pesky pests at bay. gardening gurus @bilgemehmet23 regularly dish out tips and tricks for maintaining a pristine garden and have recently divulged their foolproof method for repelling slugs.

In a recent clip, gardening guru Sam shared how he keeps slugs at arm’s length. He’s perfected a simple yet effective two-pronged approach.

Sam demonstrated his technique, which involves removing the bottom of a plastic plant pot to facilitate root growth into the soil. He then smears petroleum jelly around the rim of the pot and liberally dusts it with salt.

He swears by using “the cheapest salt you can get around the edges” as his go-to slug deterrent. His partner, Billie, confirmed the efficacy of this method: “This actually works, guys. If we don’t put it on there, by the morning, we’ve got a slug problem again. They just don’t go near it.”

In the footage, Sam can be seen burying the pot with the edges exposed to deter the slugs. “So this will protect my plant, and I’ll be able to water it individually as well,” he explained.

“People laugh at me, but really, I’ve had a slug problem before so I just thought, let’s just try it. And it’s worked for us.”

Dr Gordon Port, a senior lecturer at Newcastle University, told Science Focus that salt kills the slugs because it “essentially draws the water out of their skin an osmosis effect and they die within minutes of dehydration”.

However, it’s important to remember that salt can damage plants and disrupt soil balance, so it shouldn’t be directly spread in the soil.

Table salt is easily available at your local supermarket, or if you prefer online shopping, Amazon is currently selling a 750g pack of Saxa Table Salt for just £1.70.

Alternatively, you could add Vaseline to your weekly shop, or buy a 250g tub of Nuage Everyday Essential Petroleum Jelly for £3.45 on Amazon.

This means it won’t cost you more than £5.15, and should last you a considerable amount of time.


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