Games Inbox: The Division 2 impressions, Devil May Cry 5 love, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice multiplayer

Some great Reader’s Features over the weekend again, I’m always kind of amazed at the quality from my fellow readers. The Sony one was particularly interesting, although I’m sure many zealots would have dismissed it purely from the basic premise. But I think it’s very true that when something has been burned to the ground, like the Xbox has this gen, or is starting from scratch, like Google, it’s a lot easier to move forward without any unwanted baggage.

Microsoft may have messed up this gen but they still have an enormous amount of experience and I’m sure they’ll be a much stronger force next time, just as Sony was when they bounced back from the PlayStation 3 with the PlayStation 4.

Their problem now, as the feature stated, is that they’ve done so well this gen that it’s going to be tempting to just repeat what they did and assume it’ll work again. But I don’t think it’s going to, not with streaming tech and the lack of any worthwhile graphical upgrade. Perhaps Sony are on top of the streaming aspect, we won’t know until they announce something, but it is a genuine concern and a problem that they’ve inherited through no fault of their own – quite the reverse really.

GC: All the features were good, although we are now running out and at the moment we don’t have enough for this weekend.


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