Devil May Cry 5 – it might even be a hit too

The morning Inbox is still appalled by the Sonic The Hedgehog movie design, as one reader is upset at all the great games lately.

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Devil may sell

Great to see Devil May Cry 5 get such a good review. I don’t know if it’ll sell that well, given what it is, but it’s great to see Capcom back and being successful with games that are purposefully old school in terms of most of the gameplay but also state-of-the-art when it comes to tech. A great time for them and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to follow it up with. Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 has got to be a strong possibility now but I’m not sure what their next big mainstream game should be.

Some will say Dragon’s Dogma 2 but I only thought the original game was okay, and it’s not really something I associate with classic Capcom. Some way to update Final Fight might be the way though or maybe in Breath Of Fire, something meaty that can resurrect an old franchise and give it new life. (Oh and Dino Crisis, of course.)

It’s not just about Capcom though but Japanese companies in general, who I’m relieved to see are doing well this generation. I’m particularly keen to see what Platinum are going to do with Bayonetta 3 now that the ante has been raised and they’ve got some real competition. Maybe if Devil May Cry 5 is actually a hit then Bayonetta can actually sell well too, although it worries me that I’ve not heard many people talk about DMC and none of my colleagues at work had even heard of it before.
Justin Boyles


Plans ruined

Well, I was feeling pretty smug about only having to shell out for Yoshi’s Crafted World and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice if it was any good at the end of March.

Going from the preview Sekiro is indeed going to be good, and I’m going to have to git gud all over again, but I had allowed for that.

Then Devil May Cry 5 comes out of nowhere and gets an impressive 9/10. It’s gone from being not even on my radar to what looks like a must buy.

So I’m going to be out of pocket with all these good games coming out at the same time.


Splatoon free

Now that the Switch is officially into its third year I wonder when we’ll start to hear something about Splatoon 3? We may not get another Super Mario or Zelda for a long time, if at all, on Switch but Splatoon 2’s online updates are starting to wind down now and when that happens the game won’t quite be what it was. That’s fair enough, given all the updates were free, but surely that’s a big hint that another one is probably coming in the next year or two?

I’m all for that, and would normally just say that all it needs is more of what’s already there: more modes, more weapons, more maps. But Splatoon 2 is basically a game as a service game so could a new game be Nintendo’s first opportunity to make a free-to-play normal game that has microtransactions, battle passes, and all the Fortnite trimmings?

Although I’m generally against microtransactions I have to say there is a grey area to me if the game is free and the updates are constant and generous (as they are with Fortnite). I’d be curious to see if Nintendo could get this working and how it work out for them. Splatoon is such a great game it really deserves to be played by as many people as possible, so I’m sure it must be a temptation.


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Familiar letters

I’m not sure Microsoft are bad at naming consoles, instead I personally suspect they’ve just been lazy and copied someone else’s homework, in this case Vive maker HTC.

Why HTC? Well they’ve previously released the HTC One, One S, and One X smartphones well before Microsoft offered up their new Xbox. But before you feel too sorry for HTC they’re not above such things themselves, as they now call their flagship phones the U range.

Surely the best name for the next Xbox would be the One On?
PS: If the only thing I do religiously is read GC twice a day and believe Inbox magic to be the true supernatural power in the universe, someone somewhere must be due a tax break.


Unchanged message

I’d just like to say that the firmware update since the somewhat ranty piece I set in on buying a second Switch has fixed the issue of not being able to play while tethered to a mobile hotspot. At least for me. It also resolved the immediate game crash when you resume from standby.

However, although they now have it actually working the way they want, my main points and overall message still stands, don’t buy a second Switch for your family if you have a digital library.
Antony White


Art mod

Like most people I’ve been having nightmares about the hideous Sonic the Hedgehog designs but what amazes is that folks on the Internet have managed to come up with something almost instantly, even though presumably the actual designs were made up after weeks and months of work.

I think the version in this tweet works a lot better and I would’ve been fine with it. Also, it’s just the completely obvious thing to do, so how they didn’t just stumble onto it by accident I don’t know.

I found it on this website which also has a translated quote from Sonic creator Yuji Naka, who doesn’t seem happy about it either and is ‘shocked’ that Sonic has white hands instead of gloves. He also said it could be a fake or an early version, which would be a mercy at this point. If I was the film company I would just release the trailer and hope it somehow all looks better in motion.


PC forever

Most modern gaming platforms, especially gaming PCs, are digital-only, there is no need for discs in the modern gaming world.

Plus, with digital copies you can easily repair a fault with a games, so digitally downloaded gaming is the future and well worth investing in.
Shaun C, life-long PC gamer

GC: What other gaming platforms are you referring to? Presumably you mean smartphones, but they aren’t primarily gaming devices.


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Not selling out

So Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice sounds like it’s up to the usual From standards. Although I do wonder whether having the bonfires and lose-everything deaths is really necessary at this point. I guess they see it as their signature but isn’t it just limiting the number of people that are going to play it? Dark Souls whole thing was that it was super hard and you have no idea what you’re doing or where you’re going, but that doesn’t sound like this game.

I’m sure it’ll review well but I can’t see Sekiro selling any great numbers which is a shame. I’m a great believer in games being played by the widest range of people possible, so it does bother me a bit when a game starts counting itself out like this.

I would also imagine a more mass market-friendly approach like this would enable From to argue for a higher budget. I hope I don’t sound like an awful sell-out but as much as I admire the no compromise approach I’d hate to see the company doing itself harm over a game that didn’t need to be like that. Mind you, you did say it wasn’t as hard as the other games so there is that. Although maybe that just means you’re really good at Soulsborne games?

GC: We’re not that good.


Inbox also-rans

I think Sonic The Hedgehog is easily going to beat Pokémon for the most authentic video game movie. Ill-conceived from the get-go, ugly and outdated visuals, and absolutely noting like the old games that people actually like. It’s perfect!

Slime Rancher is free on Epic Launcher from Thursday, 7th March on PC on Epic Store.
Andrew J.
Currently playing: Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Celeste


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