What are you hoping for from Borderlands 3?

The morning Inbox congratulates Sony for their PlayStation VR support, as one reader wishes Yoshi’s Crafted World was more hardcore.

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Border demands

So after all these years we’re finally getting a Borderlands 3 annoucement, eh? It’s taken so long I wasn’t even sure I was still interested, but with the downfall of Destiny, the meh-ness of The Division 2, and the flop of Anthem I think there’s still room for it – as long as it’s actually a proper modern game and not just Borderlands 2 with better graphics.

My priorities would be better gunplay – the original was pretty weak sauce in that area – proper open world environments, better vehicles, and more involved mission designs. Keep the humour and the graphics but don’t go too crazy on the Destiny style repetition. Try and randomise things a bit more and not turn the whole thing into yet another video game grinder.

All of that is hard to show off in what I imagine is going to be a fairly brief reveal, so yeah I imagine they’ll concentrate on the graphics and the gross-out humour. I’m in though, I’m just surprised it’s taken this long to sort it out.


Trust issue

Slightly late to the party but I would like to really commend Sony for all the work they have done with PlayStation VR. I remember when it first came out everyone said they’d treat it like PS Vita and there’d be no games, but while there haven’t been many from Sony themselves they’ve obviously worked to ensure there’s plenty of other support and it actually seems to be increasing over time.

An Iron Man VR game is a huge commitment and while I don’t think it was very good trailer for it I’m really glad they’re putting in the money and effort. I would love to know what kind of deal exactly they have with Marvel though. If they can use all, or even most, of the heroes why aren’t they shouting the news from the rooftops? Having Marvel game exclusivity is huge and even if it’s only for those two characters they are the biggest ones there are so it’s still massive.

Anyway, well done Sony on the VR and if you do release a new headset for the PlayStation 5 you can be 100% certain I’ll get it, because by this point you’ve earned my trust.


Crafted for kids

Nice review of Yoshi’s Crafted World and pretty much what I expected it to be really. It is a shame that Nintendo never really go all out on these games though. Super Mario World 2, by the sound of it, is still the best one but that had the cute graphics but also a real challenge and some really inventive ideas. Go back to it now and it’s still one of the best looking games of the era – if not the best.

Obviously these games are aimed more at kids than most other Nintendo games but that doesn’t mean they have to be completely devoid of challenge, just like the old games weren’t. Does the game get hard at all later in the game, GC? I kind of want to play it but I’m not paying all that money for a game I can just breeze through in a couple of days. This has not been a good year so far from Nintendo, worse than last year so far really.

GC: There’s some very hard ones in the post-game, but they’re hard to unlock and not much fun.


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Starting easy

I agree with the reader who was nearly put off buying Devil May Cry 5 after playing the demo. I was in the same boat and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I loved the reboot and GC’s review giving it high praise, and mentioning the accessible combat system, I wouldn’t have bought it either.

Glad I did though as I’m really enjoying it, I got halfway through on Human and realised I hadn’t died so just restarted it on Devil Hunter mode for a more challenging experience. Question though, am I right in saying that only Human and Devil Hunter difficulty modes are available from the beginning and you have to unlock all the higher ones by playing on Devil Hunter first?

That’s OK for someone like me but if I was a veteran of the genre that would be disappointing as I’d imagine Devil Hunter is too easy for them.
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)

GC: Son of Sparda mode unlocks when you beat the game on Devil Hunter, then Dante Must Die unlocks after beating Son of Sparda. And there’s more to unlock after that…


Eurhythmic shooter

Just seen the new gameplay trailer for Wolfenstein: Youngblood and hell yes, does this look good. MachineGames know how to make a great first person shooter. Two- player co-op looks outrageous and the sisters characters’ personality just fit so well, reminds me of Duke Nukem, Doom, and Serious Sam from back in the day.

Also got a Half-Life flashback from the suits they were wearing, hope they are interactive with you as the game progresses. But best of all ‘80s timeframe, taking on the Nazis. Sweet dreams are made of these.
Genghis1492 (PSN ID)

GC: Those suits were also in the last two games.


No regrets

Regarding Rich’s letter about FromSoftware’s games. As a player who very recently picked up Bloodborne I cannot recommend it enough. I tried with Dark Souls but it just didn’t click with me. Bloodborne however has been amazing. I think it’s because without a shield it forces you to play more aggressive. Yes, it’s hard and yes you will die… a lot.

However, never have I thought that a death was unjust or anything other than my mistake. It can be frustrating, especially some of the bosses, but I never feel that I don’t have it in me to beat them. Seriously, pick up the Game Of The Year Edition for around 20 quid. And you won’t regret it.

Looking forward to getting Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice but will wait till I finish Bloodborne before I do. Quick shout out to the Bloodborne group on Facebook, they’ve been invaluable with advice and tips.


Hell of a toboggan ride

Great to see so much love for the Soulsborne games here. I truly believe they are the best thing to happen to gaming in the modern era and I love every one of them. I would agree that Bloodborne and Dark Souls Remastered are the best places to start, although from what I’ve played of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice so far the helpful tutorials are certainly something the others could’ve done with, from a newcomers perspective.

But I think it’s definitely Bloodborne that’s the best place to start, as it’s faster-paced, has more exciting combat and… I just think it’s the best game ever made. Although technically that does mean it’s all downhill from there!


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Episodic end

It’s sad to see Telltale Games’ come to such a sad, unloved ending. I was debating on whether to get the season pass for The Final Season once it was all out but the reviews seem pretty unanimous that it’s just not that good. It’s sad but it was obvious the series was getting worse every season and I’m most upset that Telltale never got a chance to right the ship before they went under. Although I guess the implication from this is that they never would’ve anyway.

With Life Is Strange 2 also seeming to be much less popular than the first one, made worse by the huge wait between episodes, which means that not only are the last companies making these games either dead or dying but nobody’s going to feel much need to try and beat them at their own game.

I won’t be sad to see the end of episodic gaming but I will be sad to see the end of graphic adventures. I know there’s lots of indie and German-made ones and whatever but I miss the days when LucasArts games were amongst the biggest around. For a while there it looked like Telltale were going to get us back to those times but now I think it really has all come to an end. The final season indeed.


Inbox also-rans

One major question about Borderlands 3. Will it feature split screen co-op? I hope so. I think it would be a misstep to not have it after the three other games did.

GC: We hope so too.

I agree with the reader saying Microsoft should make more games, not consoles. But I kind of feel the same about Nintendo. Is a coincidence that we’re getting rumours of two new models at a time when they’ve got virtually no new games coming out?
Guy Mann


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