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Just chiming in with the appreciation of Wreckfest. It’s a rare game that not only meets but supersedes expectations, from me at least.

Yeah, the load times are a pain (even on a PS4 Pro) but I haven’t experienced the other technical issues reported elsewhere (such as crashing, other than the you know, obvious crashes – of which there are plenty).

The driving feel is the right balance between arcadey and sim, it feels weighty and predictable. Yes, the better drivers usually finish in the top places, but unlike other games in the genre the unpredictable nature of the races is its biggest attraction for me. I haven’t laughed out loud, close to tears, as a result of a game in as long as I remember.

It’s fun! So much fun. Even when you’re the victim of a tail-ender re-joining the track at a jaunty angle and sent into a barrel-roll as a result, it still brings a smile to the face. The campaign is great but online is where this really comes to life. There seems to be a decent amount of people playing and I’ve not had to wait once to get a race.

If you like racing games get this. If you like competitive online games get this. If you like fun, get this. If you don’t like to be T-boned on the final lap of a figure-of-eight track where you’re winning by a comfortable margin – still get this – your frustration will be short-lived when you see it happen to someone else when you’re in second.

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