Game Of Thrones star Bella Ramsey thought we’d hate Lyanna Mormont as feisty Lady returns for season 8

Bella waited for us to hate her Game Of Thrones character (Picture: HBO, Rex/Shutterstock)

Lyanna Mormont is returning to Game Of Thrones season eight, however the actress who plays the character, Bella Ramsey, thought the feisty Lady would be immediately loathed by fans of the fantasy show.

Lady Lyanna popped onto our screens in series six when her house was called upon to help Jon Snow.

Her boss nature for a teen and ability to strike fear into the most hardy of warriors struck a real chord with viewers who fell in love with the character instantly. No less when her men helped Snow and the Starks to a victory.

But for 16-year-old Bella, who plays the leader of House Mormont, she was adamant Lyanna wouldn’t win over the millions of viewers.

How wrong she was.

‘I was petrified when it came out, as I expecting people to hate what I’d done and not like Lyanna,’ she told Metro.co.uk.

The sass is real (Picture: HBO)

‘I was scared I’d be received in a bad way. I was very shocked people liked my performance.’

Still, the teen admits she refuses to watch her scenes despite being a firm favourite going into the last season to kick some real butt (not that she can tell us anything about the finale, though, of course).

As the cast hang up their swords and come April we get the last taste of Westeros, Bella revealed she’s managed to keep in touch with some of her co-stars, namely Kit Harington who doles out the thespian advice.

‘He always said [to go to him] if I want some bad advice, but I don’t think his advice is bad!’ she laughed. ‘When I went to the Baftas I asked him about live interviews, what advice he would give, and he said “just be yourself and don’t try to say what you think people want you to”. That’s the best advice you can give.’

Bella currently stars in Two For Joy

Seemingly with her head screwed on way better than any other 16-year-old we know, Bella – who most recently starred as Miranda in drama Two For Joy – revealed she had a choice when she first found fame on the HBO show: to be an actor or a celebrity.

For us laymen, they’re not the same thing. And for Bella, she didn’t want to be known for her social media following.

‘When Game Of Thrones came out lots of interviews were coming in and people asking me to do certain things which would push me out there. Like this whole Instagram and Twitter thing, getting more followers doesn’t bother me at all,’ she said, non-plussed about the whole fame game.

She has stayed in touch with Kit Harington, who gives her ‘bad’ advice (Picture: Getty Images)

‘So I held off from doing interviews, because I want my life to be my own. I think we could have pushed it more and I could have been more of a celebrity, but that isn’t something I wanted to do.’

Now she’s going from arguably one of the biggest TV franchises to movies, and thus from strength to strength, most recently alongside Billie Piper, who plays her mother Lillah in Two For Joy.

As a self-described ‘boisterous attention-seeking firecracker,’ the role of Miranda excited Bella, who was keen to ‘sink her teeth into a challenge’ with the gritty script.

Produced by Sadie Frost, the film tells the story of one British family’s life, navigating their way through grief in the years following their father’s death.

Playing opposite former Doctor Who star Billie saw Bella forge a ‘dangerously electric’ relationship with the on-screen legend – but it’s not the first time she’s starred closely with the upper echelon.

Before that, she filmed alongside Renee Zellweger in Judy. That was before her role with Will Ferrell in Holmes And Watson.

Perhaps to us we’d be weak at the knees and giddy to meet our on-screen heroes, but to Bella, it’s just part of her job.

‘I get to meet a load of people in an environment I’m really comfortable with. But all these big names, they started out just like I started out and they’re just normal people underneath,’ she said.

‘Certainly no one I’ve worked with so far has been changed or manipulated by fame. I don’t get starstruck really, it’s cool to meet people if I’ve seen them in a film or series.

‘I just like getting to know people.’

Two For Joy is released on Digital 25 February.

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