Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark’s secret role in Cersei Lannister’s death revealed?

The final episode of Game of Thrones saw Sansa Stark (played by Sophie Turner) crowned as the Queen in the North while her brother Bran (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) rule over the remaining six kingdoms.

Their rule came after Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) burnt down King’s Landing subsequently killing Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), who was previously Queen.

Shocked by the Mother of Dragons’ behaviour, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) murdered the new Queen.

But while it seems Daenerys caused Cerise’s death as she destroyed the capital – one fan is certain Sansa had a huge role to play in Cerise’s downfall, which was hinted at throughout the HBO series.

Sansa was kept in King’s Landing like a prisoner for many seasons before she was able to escape with Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen).

While she was there she learnt a lot from Cersei on how to manipulate or protect those around you.

One fan believes Sansa used the lessons she had from Cersei to take revenge on the Queen as she watched her father Ned (Sean Bean) beheaded and learnt of her mother Catelyn (Michelle Fairley) and brother Robb’s (Richard Madden) death.

Reddit user QueenSalsaFan believes Sansa was in fact the young Queen that Cersei was warned about who would take her down.

They theorised: “I think it is Sansa, she said to Olenna about Joff’s true nature that convinced her to kill Joff and as consequences of it Tyrion kills Tywin.

“Also, in the books, Jaime turns away from Cersei to help find Sansa with Brienne. She takes from her, her firstborn, her father, her brother/lover.”

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They added: “P.S prophecy not said young queen but young and more beautiful.”

It’s also worth nothing, while it was Daenerys who burnt down King’s Landing, Sansa told Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) about Jon’s true parentage which sparked a series of events which led to the Khaleesi becoming the Mad Queen.

Perhaps Sansa knew all along what she had to do to make sure the North was protected from Daenerys and she’s be able to rule from Winterfell.

When the eldest Stark daughter was announced as Queen in the North, she paid tribute to her family as she took her place at Winterfell in the final moments of the series.


She could be seen wearing an extravagant gown, which featured a Weirwood tree in homage to Bran while the scales representer her mother who was a Tully and had the house sigil of a fish.

Her crown also appeared to represent her brother Robb’s war in season two and three of Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile she wore half a cloak in honour of her sister Arya (Maisie Williams), who was last seen heading West of Westeros.

Fans also noted Sansa had changed her hairstyle, with her red locks long and loose.

Sansa regularly changed her hairstyle in order to reflect her environment or characters around her.

But in the final she chose her own style to confirm her independence and confidence in herself to rule alone.


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