Fury over nightmare neighbour blocking street from cars so son can play in the road

A nightmare neighbour has caused outrage in their local community by blocking cars from entering their street so their son can play in the road.

The unnamed woman was shamed in a post on Mumsnet by a fellow neighbour who was confused to find “Road Closed” signs suddenly appearing at the top of their road.

They explained how they consulted with other neighbours on the mysterious occurrence before it was revealed why the road was being shut.

Following the post on Mumsnet, the woman who made the complaint received waves of support from fellow befuddled users.

They wrote: “Came home from work a few weeks ago (2.30pm) and our road had “road closed” signs on it. Highly unusual as it’s a quiet one-way street with a couple of cul-de-sacs leading off it.”

She added: “I parked up and walked the rest of the way home (only 2 minutes, it’s not a long road). When my husband came home, he said the road wasn’t closed – no signs of it ever being closed.

“A few days later same thing, 2:30pm – road closed. No signs of work going on, so I moved the sign and drove to my house. A neighbour texted me the same day asking why the road was closed as there was no work going on.

“I said I had no idea so he rang the council to ask – they had no idea either and said nobody had applied to close the road either. Therefore we all just moved these signs off the road whenever we saw them and drove past.”

The user added: “Long story short – a woman down the street then went knocking on doors asking people not to move the signs as they were put there during the day to make the street safe for kids to play on!

“By kids, she means her son. It was explained to her that she can’t just close the road for this reason! Her reasoning is that it’s a short street and it’s only a short walk from the signs to any of the houses on the street.

“She was told that this isn’t the point, people have a right to be able to drive to their driveways! She’s continuing to put the signs up between 10am and 3pm. Are we being unreasonable to continue ignoring them?”

Underneath the post, fellow Mumsnet users gave their support and suggestions for what should be done next.

One person wrote: “Report her to the council and they will likely send her a letter telling her to stop.”

Another said: “Report her to your local highways team at the council. Whilst I agree to moving the bollards etc that’s going to get tiresome and you shouldn’t have to.

“I work for a local authority although not highways and I thought I had heard it all!! This is a new one.”

A third person suggested: “I’d imagine it’s illegal to close roads without authority. If you want a play street you need to apply to the council for a licence – and that’s usually for an afternoon at weekend or something.”


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