‘Full-Out Crazy’: Is Mattie Too Extra On MTV Floribama Shore?

Let’s just get this pun over with: Mattie Breaux really brought the Party Down South on tonight’s MTV Floribama Shore.

The PDS veteran, who befriended Gus earlier this year on The Challenge: War of the Worlds, found herself in St. Pete for Pride Fest, and after her “accommodations fell through,” she opted to crash with our Floribama friends. Talk about perfect timing, as Kortni has officially swapped public urination for pudding cups, thanks to a tonsillectomy.

Naturally, Mattie’s arrival didn’t come without a friendly warning from Gus: “She really is easy to get along with. Just don’t cross her.  You cross her, and you’ve got another thing coming. She’ll fight at any given moment, like if you look at her wrong. Things are gonna get spicy, my friends.”

It wasn’t even 24 hours before Mattie’s alter ego Martha emerged during a bout of day drinking, and she was twerking right alongside Nilsa and demanding dad jokes from Jeremiah. After very loudly declaring her “horny” status, Mattie Martha had gone “full out-crazy,” giving the latest round of Floribama shenanigans a run for their dollar draft beers.

“I know Mattie from Party Down South. Let’s be honest, we’ve seen that wild Mattie. We’ve seen the Martha. We don’t need that in this house,” Codi said. “This house can probably not handle that.”

The party went south (another pun for ya) when her demands for Tito’s vodka went ignored: “Where is the liquor? Jesus called, he said he wanted vodka. You better call Jesus right now or my lawyer, because somebody’s gonna have a problem. Somebody needs to get the f*ck on their job and make some sh*t happen.”

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Cue call-it-like-it-is Candace: “B*tch, you need a water.”

According to Gus, Mattie’s as “crazy” as the rest of his roommates and would “fit in pretty well,” but the fiery brunette still felt ashamed over her booze-fueled tirade, issuing a tearful apology just minutes later.

Empathized Codi: “We all get f*cked up and say some f*cked up sh*t every now and then. It’s like, Mattie, you need to get used to this because this is what happens.”

This isn’t the first time a Floribama roommate’s gotten emotional (oh, hi, Jeremiah), and it certainly won’t be the last. Comment with your thoughts on Mattie’s temporary roommate status (too much or just right?), and catch an all-new episode next Thursday at 8/7c.


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