From vegan varnish to V-necks: this week’s fashion trends

Going up

Black pop socks Spotted on the streets of Paris, worn with jeans and white trainers. A surprisingly cool combo.

Hairspray Misunderstood, according to hair stylist/trendsetter Guido Palau, who recommends it “to all women and men”. Time to borrow your nan’s Elnett.

Lacoste Roland-Garros, trainers 1963 René reissue

Lacoste digs into its archive

Roland-Garros, 1963 Lacoste recently reissued three archive designs, including 1963’s René, as part of its Heritage collection.

Tipp-Ex teeth As seen on Bella Hadid in Love Magazine’s latest. Don’t try this at home.

Vegan varnish Plant-based polish is set to hit the mainstream, with brands including Sally Hansen. Nailed it.

Going down

Chip butties Maeve from Sex Education puts chips inside her burger instead. Gamechanger.

Wrists If Zoë Kravitz’s SAG awards look is anything to go by, armpit-grazing evening gloves are the only kind to be seen in this winter. Impractical, imsmachtical.

Photo of hand doing thumbs down

Thumbs down to wrists. Photograph: Getty Images

V-necks From Zara to Ganni, collars are back, and boy, are they big.

Valentine’s trees An Instagram hit, but repurposing your Christmas pine so it can stay put until the 14th? We’re not convinced.

Megxit merch Taking over Etsy, apparently. Expect to see mugs and more in your local charity shop soon.


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