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From Meryl Streep to Ben Affleck: People are sharing their best mundane encounters with celebrities

We may put celebrities on a pedestal, but sometimes it takes a worldwide pandemic to remind us they’re regular people, just like the rest of us.

In a bid to entertain themselves while in lockdown, a Twitter user by the handle @MavenofHonor asked people to share their encounters with celebrities doing run-of-the-mill things.

Naturally, the timeline did its thing, with thousands of Twitter users sharing some truly boring stories featuring some A-List stars.

One Twitter user recalled the time she met Meryl Streep eating some fries…

Another said Man of Steel star Amy Adams asked him to referee an argument over a sweet treat in Starbucks.

In another thrilling coffee shop anecdote, someone recalled the time they spotted Jake Gyllenhaal getting an iced coffee.

Someone shared a particularly intimate moment with Norman Reedus, better known as The Walking Dead’s Daryl.

Former Batman actor Ben Affleck made a Twitter user’s day at a cat café.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes on a romantic date in New York was another popular sighting.

Journalist Jon Ronson saw Arsene Wenger at a buffet, while actor Sanjeev Bhaskar recalled a time he had breakfast near Kevin Bacon.

Seth Rogen commented about how frequently he was appearing, before adding about a time he saw Magic Johnson.

But the celebrity most frequently mentioned in mundane celebrity encounters was Bill Nighy.

The actor, who has a reputation in the industry for being a genuinely nice man, was so regularly mentioned in relation to the original Twitter thread that he started being a trending topic on Twitter himself.

He was spotted in the British Museum.

He bought someone a dog statue.

He posed for a photo while collecting a suit during London Pride.

He discussed his book while out on the street at lunch time.

He even was happy to oblige for a photo in Pret a Manger.

Even in these deeply depressing and often confusing times, it’s nice to be reassured celebrities are just like us…

…except Bill Nighy, who seems to be especially wonderful.


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