From Anna Wintour nails to black mascara: this week’s fashion trends

Going up

Skipping HIIS (high intensity interval skipping) is the new HIIT. Not just in playgrounds.

Skipping Rope

Photograph: Getty Images

Peekashoes The first signs of spring are daffodils and boots with an open toe. See Zara and Victoria Beckham’s autumn show.

Pin-tail combs Post-fashion month, hair partings are nowhere but down the centre.

IGO AKA “Instagram official” – the new “Facebook official” when it comes to relationship status.

Anna Wintour nails Not bob-based nail art, but the absence of polish altogether, as seen at Marc Jacobs in New York.

Sushi brunch Bottomless fish. Shouldn’t work, but it does.

Going down

‘She said yes!’ The rise in so-called Tinder Weddings means “We swiped right!” is now de rigueur.

Fluffy fringes Hair was gelled, swirled and slicked across foreheads at London fashion week. Honest.

Portrait of lama (Lama glama) with fringe

Photograph: Getty Images

Novelesque choccy Bars such as The Peculiar Bees of Salt Bay confusing shoppers at Fortnum & Mason.

Black mascara Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Chanel love colourful lashes. Match with your eye shadow.

Febreze Perfume maker Byredo is launching a scent for clothes. Get spritzing.

Office romances Killed off by internet dating, according to recent research.


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