Free Time and A Pandemic, Our Changing Habits

Despite the ongoing pandemic there has been a wave of recent good news that would have many believing we may be back on track to ‘normal’, new locations looking set to reopen, big sporting events returning in a limited way, and other forms of live entertainment seemingly getting started again, but there are some challenges to overcome underneath it all which may not conform to the to the growing sentiment of positivity being seen, particularly across the US where the pandemic is still seemingly getting worse with no end or positive recovery in sight just yet.

The first had been seen within alcohol consumption – nearly 1,000 people were surveyed online in the US for the period of time between February and April, with the time in the middle being when lockdown measures were at their height around their alcohol consumption during the pandemic which saw a rise across the board – from 0.74 daily drinks in February up to 0.94 drinks in April – whilst there were some who had responded they don’t drink at all, around 35% reported excessive drinking in the latter months compared to 29% in the early months, and an additional 27% reporting binge drinking – just in North Carolina for example, liquor sales found a 21% increase in June compared to the same period of time last year, following a similar 21% jump in March.

This hasn’t been the only method of stress relief utilised during the pandemic either as mobile gaming particularly in the gambling sector has found a huge surge in new users since the end of March and has become somewhat of a pandemic in itself – there have been methods to try and combat this such as changes to initiatives like Gamstop which aims to block users from using certain sites, but as a growing number have become available outside of the gamstop regulation and the return of major sporting events you’ll find those non gamstop bookmakers here who have been reporting still increasing numbers, set to grow further by the end of the month when the major US sporting events get underway again.

Free Time and A Pandemic, Our Changing Habits

As we head toward a period where remote working and remote education may look to be around for the foreseeable future as a permanent fixture for many, there are a some who believe this current shift in behaviour during the pandemic could become a new normal for many as they shift to a different way of life with a different schedule, and whilst there are steps being taken to combat these changes as mentioned the battle is still far from over and there’s still quite the challenge to overcome before the pandemic really ends and many can get back to their more preferred forms of entertainment and leisure, and if course if you feel like you’re facing some kind of trouble with either growing habits mentioned, be sure to reach out as ensuring mental and physical health during this period of time has become a priority for many too.

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