Fox causes frenzy after sneaking into Houses of Parliament

A fox caused chaos after wandering into Parliament on Thursday evening. The creature was spotted by staff climbing a staircase and making its way into Portcullis House, evading police as it went.

A message on Conservative MP Julia Lopez’s Twitter account read: “Team Lopez: just leaving Westminster office for the night and see a fox climbing escalator into Portcullis House!

“We have seen some strange things in Parliament since 2017, but this tops it!”

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy later tweeted a photo of what appeared to be fox droppings outside her office, signalling that the fox was now two floors up, along with the hashtag “#Foxontherun”.

Police, reportedly wearing big gloves, appeared to catch up with the fox as it scarpered all the way up to the fourth floor, eventually managing to get it into a box.

Footage shared on Twitter later showed the fox being removed from the building on a wooden panel covered by a blue box.

The animal was then freed nearby. Dazed and confused, it managed to avoid wandering into oncoming traffic and scurried away into the night, bringing to an end this very British incident.


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